Why Use Outlook? [8 Proven Disclosers]

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used smart platforms which manage all different exchange email account in one place in the world. Outlook platform efficiently works personally, or at work for professional communication.

There are numerous benefits for Microsoft Outlook users, which separates other email service providers from Outlook.

I personally use Microsoft Outlook and also use to write my blogs on Outlook, Here are few reasons “Why Use Outlook?“, I personally share my experiences and why I am so inspired with Outlook.

Outlook calendar event reminder

Upcoming events or unforgettable events always required attention, some are unavoidable and some connected emotionally, Outlook calendar event feature required input (single or recurring), and it will remind you accordingly.

Discloser: I personally use Outlook calendar event reminders for my rent payment.

24X7 Access even Offline

Microsoft Outlook is one of the platforms, which allows access without worrying whether you are connected to the Internet. You can access all your emails in your folders, create and even send emails, (the message land in the outbox) and will deliver when the Internet connection is re-established.

While traveling or at someplace internet availability is causing problems, you can easily work offline.

Discloser: Worked as Purchase manager, I Use to send inquiry emails even offline, and those emails send when the Internet connection is re-established.

Organize Smartly

Normally inflow and outflow of email messages arranged in folders separately, Most people arrange a specific range of emails or from specific email address messages in identical folders using the Outlook Rule function, they relate to folders in Outlook better.

Outlook Rule automatically transfers the email message to a specific folder, not only that filter emails using date range works really incredible.

Discloser: I arrange Bank Folder just like that, all email messages received from Bank automatically transferred, for instance: account statement.

Find Email (Numerous method)

Finding your buried email in Outlook, Serch bar tab designed in Outlook to find the email, using the specific word, from, date, category, etc. The ability to sort email by date and size, to specify the timeframe, and to scope the places to look are all various ways to find the email when you don’t know how to describe your search.

Disclosure: I personally use a short feature with size to remove unwanted emails from my inbox to generate and create space into my inbox.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Quick performance

Microsoft Outlook shortcut keywords simplify the process of controlling all features, using Alt key from the keyboard allow users to get the required action. (complete keyboard short PDF is available for you).

Multiple Email Platform Outlook

Many users hold multiple emails, Personal, official & corporate not limited to a single account in Outlook, every account (including POP, IMAP, Exchange) can live together and perform their duty with the hustle, which results in all email messages at one place for the users.

Autofill and Quick Parts

The outlook is also designed to autocomplete the email address once you type initials of address, its very cool features, you can also create group email address of certain bunch of people, on the other hand, quick parts in Outlook, are pre-designed or you can create your own customized template which later on helps you draft your email quickly.

Disclosure: I personally use Quick parts to create emails having almost similar content except for few numeric figures, which I manually enter. It saves my time and effort.

Dealy Delivery

Outlook web-based delay delivery designed to mail somebody in a specific timeframe till then the email message land in Outbox and while delivering to the recipient at the time declared. Outlook 365 web-based service deliver even if you are not connected or online.

In case Gmail or other email service provide operated from Outlook 365 only deliver till the user is online.

Disclosure: I use this feature to mail somebody like wishing birthday note, or anniversary which required to deliver at a specific time.

Talking about my personal experience and features, the list would be endless. The above examples are my personal top features which I enjoy the most, It is recommended to try these features once and share your experience.

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