Why Microsoft Outlook not receiving emails but can send? [14 Ways]

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Microsoft Outlook is both way track, you can receive and send your emails very easily, In some cases, there is some trouble to the users in receiving or sending your mails, it’s really irritating,

There are many reasons why Outlook Not Receiving Emails but can send. When your computer is set up like this, it means you are either blocking it, or it is not configured properly. But it is not always an issue that you have to do it yourself. Usually, the issue is because of your email provider.

In this article, you find out why (some common causes) and how to get rid of it.

Microsoft Outlook not receive emails but can send

Outlook consists of a solution to every problem, all you must find the best solution, the majority of problems consist of:

  • Spam filters cause hurdles at the entry point of your incoming mail. Sometimes you will get your mails in the spam or trash folder.
  • Empty with your outlook Email server space quota. Most users face the same problem. (Empty or transfer old or heavy attachment files from your inbox).
  • Incorrect POP or IMAP server setting in case of Microsoft outlook.
  • Extension or addon on your web browser causes fetching a new email to your outlook server.
  • By mistake, the sender sometimes blocked your outlook.

The below tutorial helps to get rid of the issue in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2017, 2019, 365 for Windows, and Outlook.com, Microsoft’s free web-based email client.

Email Over Quota Outlook [Remove Unwanted Emails]

The causes include email quota issues by your mail exchange, ‘I personally use a Gmail account and I have configured my Gmail account with outlook, I never open my Gmail account for mailing purposes.

Once I paid my health insurance premium, I was supposed to get my payment receipt in my Email, but unfortunately, I didn’t.

I contacted my insurance company, and they arranged a copy of the payment receipt, but they also confirm the mail sent to my registered email address.

After investigation, I find out that not only the insurance company email, but I am also not getting any email, the reason is my space quota.

gmail quota

To fix this, to need to remove unwanted emails like subscription one, from Inbox or any other folder. You can also try the Sweep feature on Outlook, which would automatically delete old emails from a sender.

sweep icon

Check Outlook Internet Connection [Work Offline]

Any Technological problem solution starts by checking the internet connection. Most of the time many users are unable to determine whether their computer is connected to the Internet or not.

But part is to open your browser and check Google on your system. If it’s working then, verify that Outlook is online. For this, go to the Outlook menu and make sure the Work Offline option is unchecked.

work offile

You can restart your computer and make sure it is connected to a stable connection. Simply look at the bottom right of the Outlook screen and you can check if Outlook is connected or not [ref: image].

connected to microsoft exchange

Check Email forwarding using Rule

Outlook rule enables email forwarding to a certain folder, in case you are not getting emails in your inbox, check out folders that you have selected to forward, you can also disable it in case you are further not required.

Check Out Focused Inbox

Focused/Other Inbox in Outlook are two different inboxes that separate your incoming email according to the priority, Focused Inbox from Microsoft Outlook allows you to organize your emails more effectively, prioritizing messages to ensure that you see the most important, message first.

The email you are expecting is sometimes due to rear importance grabbing its position in another folder. Checkout ones!

You can move email from another folder to the focused folder that will update Outlook to land specific emails into a focused inbox instead of others.

Move to Focused inbox

“Focused Inbox is only available for Outlook 365 Subscribers”

Filter and Sorting Feature

The sorting and Filtering feature organizes the list of emails in the inbox or any other folder according to your requirement. (Sometimes alphabetically, sometimes date-wise, attachment, size or you have plenty of methods).

Sometimes you forget to disable the sorting or filtration feature and if you are unable to see the new email, remove unwanted ones.

Simply short by date and you will get the latest email on the top of your inbox.

Filter and Sorting Feature

Auto-Refresh Feature

Outlook auto-refresh all folders for recent updates automatically in a few minutes, in case you are not getting fresh emails, there is a possibility that the auto-refreshment feature is disabled or the timer for auto-update is set on the higher side.

You can reduce the timer according to your requirement, Goto Send/Receive Groups >> Define Send/Receive Groups >> Mark the checkbox “Schedule an automatic send/to receive every” and set the frequency to a minimum of 5 minutes.

Auto Refresh Feature

Junk E-Mail Protection Filter

The Junk E-Mail Protection filter is one of the options for users to reduce spamming emails to their email.

Activation of a hard filter sometimes blocks incoming email messages which are really important. To fix this issue, follow the below steps:

  • Click Home Tab >> Click junk mail icon under delete subsection >> Click Junk Email Options.
how do i fix outlook not receiving emails
  • A separate popup appears you can adjust the filtration level high to low junk mail options icon
outlook not receiving emails
  • I recommend keeping it low and clicking ok.

Incorrect POP or IMAP (Server) settings in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook does not receive emails, the incoming/outgoing and port number plays an important role, Thus, it is required to check the account settings.

Sometimes incorrect POP or IMAP settings bring interruption for receiving email messages.

To check the account settings and to fix Outlook sending and receiving issues.

[Here is Step by Step Guide]

  • Click File Tab >> Account setting >> Account setting
outlook not receiving email
  • POP and IMAP Account Settings dialog box appears I recommend reentering all the credentials sometimes the credential like POP and IMAP mismatch encounter the problem.
pop and imap account settings

#Your Name: Sender’s name that they would like to appear on emails

#Email Address: Your full email address

#Account Type: POP3 or IMAP

#Incoming mail server: For POP or IMAP accounts details

#Outgoing mail server (SMTP): For POP or IMAP accounts details

#Username: Your email account username

#Password: Your email account password

  • Click Next and the final process dialog box appear (account setting are being tested) and your credentials will be updated.

Corrupt Outlook Profile

Another reason behind not receiving emails in outlook is the corrupt outlook profile. It is better to create a new Outlook profile.

[Here is Step by Step Guide]

  • Click on File Tab on Outlook’s main screen.
  • Click to Account setting >> Manage Profile.
why am i not receiving emails on outlook
  • The Next Step is to click the show profile third option in the popup box.
i can send emails but not receive outlook
  • The next Popup box is required to Add New Profile follow the step in the figure below and finally click OK.
new profile generation outlook
  • Finally, the auto account setup box appears & you must fill in the required information to generate a new profile.
auto account setup outlook
  • Type your name, Email Address, and Password, and retype from the password. and click Next.
  • Restart your outlook application.
  • To complete the process again click on File Tab on the main screen of outlook >> Account setting >> Change Profile. You can see that the change profile option is there previously, it is generated after you have created a new profile. 
outlook not recieving email
  • Click to change profile and the final approval/permission popup box appears, click OK
why am i not receiving emails outlook

Restarting of Computer

Rebooting most of the time resolves any kind of problem with your system. Check the internet connection for the first stage and then restart your system on the second. sometimes systems are required to rebuild outlook files that need just a restart.

Outlook is crashing due to antivirus

They’re come many times when an Antivirus plugin in Microsoft Outlook creates a barrier for the incoming server.

In this condition, users should follow the guideline of Antivirus manufacturers to enable error-free compatibility among antivirus and Outlook email clients.

Several trusted antivirus companies provide proper guidelines on their official websites for the same.

Bonus Tips:

Have you disabled an Outlook Email Account partially, under this scenario Microsoft Outlook allows the user to deactivate the received email but is allowed to send the message?

Here are the steps to cross-check.

  • Lunch Microsoft Outlook
  • Click Send/Receive Tab >> Click Send/Receive Groups >> Define Send/Receive Groups.
Disable Outlook account
  • Send/Receive Groups dialog box appears, click on the Edit button from the right-hand option of the dialog box.
  • “Send/Receive Settings – All Accounts” popup appears.
uncheck the option for Receive mail items

Under Account options, by default “Send Mail Items” & “Receive mail items” are checked, You must cross-check, whether both are checked or not, after selecting both the options click OK until all dialog boxes close.

Outlook Cache

Sometimes due to consent working emails get stuck in the incoming processing in Outlook, and they are stored in the hidden folder. It is required to clear Outlook cache on regular basis to get rid of such issues.

You can try deleting the Outlook cache and see if that solves the problem. Follow the below methods:

  • Close Outlook application
  • Press the Win + R keys that open up a Run dialog box.
  • Type %localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook
  • File Explorer window will open, and you’ll see a folder called RoamCache, Click the folder to open.
  • There are multiple files available in the folder, those are Outlook cache files.
  • Delete all the files.

Final Words

Microsoft Outlook not receiving emails, if all the above solutions still causing difficulties and outlook emails not working then try to uninstall your setup from your system and reinstall it again. some files are creased permanently which required reinstallation of Microsoft Outlook.

Some phone outlook users also face the same issue with their email, such user reconfigures their iPhone with outlook and mail restart to the dropdown. Just restart your iPhone and get going.

Above are some good steps to troubleshoot this issue. First, you can try to remove your antivirus. If it happens that you are using an antivirus, then try to exclude our Outlook in the antivirus protection.

You can also try to check the inbox folder of your inbox. It might be possible that there are some issues in our inbox folder. It might be possible that your Outlook is not receiving the emails due to some

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How many MB can you send in Outlook?

The maximum amount of email attachments per mail message is 5 MB. If it says “Message size:” is 5MB then you will be able to add more than one file. But if it shows “Maximum capacity reached,” then there’s no way to go beyond that limit.

How many email addresses can you BCC in Outlook?

The Outlook recipient limit for a single email is 500 people. This restricts the To, Cc, and Outlook Bcc limit. The maximum number of email addresses you can put in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields is 500.

  • To – 500 contacts
  • Cc – 500 contacts
  • BCC – 500 contacts

Why is my outlook disconnected?

My Outlook account is disconnected when you are unable to access it. This can be because of a network problem, a blocked service, or an issue with your account.

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