Why is Microsoft Outlook infested with Junk Mail?

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Outlook does not block junk mail the majority of user-facing this problem, receiving a lot of junk email is really frustrated, it does not only consume outlook space but required plenty of time to detect those emails.

In this article, you will get our answers on ‘why am I getting so much spam all of a sudden?’ & ‘How to stop email spoofing’?

Why do I get spam emails?

How are spammers getting all our email addresses? Getting spam emails is one of the results of distributing spam icon outlookor sharing your email ID with unnecessary websites and portals. Sometimes you reply to the useless attractive email or in some cases a person may be signing you up for malicious reasons.

Unwanted senders must be blocked, and delete or unsubscribe to those email as quickly as possible before they harm your personal credentials or misuse your loyalty.

The main reason behind spamming is database websites like yahoo, Rediff, Facebook, Linkedin, twitter they hold every email in their database of the active healthy user.

In the past few years, the database is compromised, the clever spammer downloads these data to generate spam email to the people.

What is a spam filter and how does it work in outlook?

Span filter wipes out an unwanted email and blocks email consist of spam. Spam filters are applied to both inbound email (email entering the network) and outbound email (email leaving the network).

Why is spam filtering important?

Span Filter keeps the garbage out of the inbox door, it helps with the quality/related mails for individuals or business are only used for their desired purpose.

Although the spam filter is not completely effective, However, a business email system without spam filtering is highly vulnerable, if not unusable, there are ‘N’ numbers of benefits if you turn your filter ON.

Spam filters also protect your mail servers from being overloaded with useless emails.

How to create spam filter in Outlook

Block unwanted junk emails in Outlook consist of very easy steps to get rid of such emails which not only consume your space and to protect your network from the many possible risks like virus attack, compromised web links.

Step by Step instruction to block specific email id: 

Getting an email from a  specific id, all you have to do is right-click on the mail received in outlook which you like to block.

Block sender outlook

  • Right-click on selected email >> Click Junk >> Click Block Sender – That way you directly block the sender (Spammer) from your email.

How to unblock email in outlook

Sometimes by mistake, you block your Boss’s email Id (sound shocking), Here are simple steps to unblock the email ID.

  • Click Junk icon from the home tab delete section >> Julk Icon >> Click Junk E-mail Option

You can try keyboard shortcut click (alt) on the bottom of your keyboard >> Click H >> Click J >> Click O

junk email option

Setup Spammer email list

Outlook getting lots of spam from a particular email id is so familiar that you remember those email id. Microsoft Outlook allows you to create a list of emails you want to block from getting such useless emails.

  • Click to home tab >> Julk icon
  • Junk email option pop up appears >> Click to block senders >> Click ADD

create block email list outlook

Whenever you click add ‘Add address or domain’ popup asks you to enter your email id or domain.

Sometimes using this specific technic you can’t block junk mail in outlook, and you’re still getting spam from individuals or institutes you have previously blocked.

The main reason is spammers used to change the email id on a regular basis. It is recommended to enter this one “all-inclusive” email address: *@*.com into the Blocked Sender’s List.

This smart technic blocked email still getting through outlook and this email spam filter work more fruitful for you.

How to use Message Rules in Outlook to filter out spam?

Microsoft Outlook allows users to create rules for which works as the best spam filter for Outlook, there are still low-priority and Junk Emails that often make their way through your Spam filters and have the capacity to fill up your inbox.

Step by Step guide how to create rules to filter spam in outlook –

# Click Home >> Rules >> Create Rule.

# The dialog box appears Outlook asks: When I get Email with the selected conditions (From, Subject, Sent To)

# DO THE FOLLOWING: Display in New Item Alert Window, Play Selected Sound, or Move Item to Folder.

There are ‘N’ numbers of options and outcomes just by selecting the particulars above. You can adjust your results according to your requirements.

Spam filter not working outlook

After all the hard work and all the adjustments of email spam filtering, your inbox is still encountering junk mails, technically ‘Spam filter not working’. 

By default, your Junk Email Filteration is ‘ON’ but you have forgotten to adjust the protection level in the junk email option.

You can adjust the level of securities for spam mail, and Junk Email Filter evaluates each incoming message based on several factors.

junk email options

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