Why Does my Outlook not Find Spelling Errors?

Spelling errors! ask yourself a question if you send somebody an email message with tons of spelling mistakes, what would be their first reaction?

Not interested.

Like most people, you rely on Microsoft Outlook for your email communications. So it’s frustrating when Outlook doesn’t seem to be catching your spelling errors.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to fix the problem.

The point is Outlook spell check not working.

For instance: The example clearly highlighted a few words with the wrong spelling, where you can visually see a red underline below the word that has been misspelled.

Spelling check Outlook

Most of the users simply click the right button of their mouse and the system automatically reflect a few related words matching the wrong spelling word, all you have to do is select the relevant words, and your problem is fixed.

Image How you created an Email Presentation with a disastrous spelling error glared out of your email when you sent it to your client.

No matter how much hard work you put into it, all your credibility goes down the drain.

Apart from Grammarly and Microsoft Editor extensions, Outlook itself holds Spell Check which needs a few steps to enable.

How To Find Spell Check in Outlook?

You can find Spellcheck under the Review Tab in Outlook.

Step by Step guide of Spell checking in outlook, many outlook users have issues with “outlook spell check not working

There are a couple of ways that will help you fix the problem of spelling and grammar checkers.

Once you created your new mail message (New, Reply, or forward) and your content is ready there is two option to find spelling errors.

Step 1: Click Review Tab

Spell checking in outlook

Step 2: Click Spelling and Grammer

Step 3: Spelling and Grammer Dialog Box appears

spelling and grammar

There are a few options available in the dialog box (Spelling and grammar) above.

Understanding the Spell Check Dialogue Box

Let’s quickly understand the different options available in the spell-check dialogue box:

  • Ignore once – Spell check encounters due to their mythology and according to it there must be some spelling error, but you need to keep it that way. You can click Ignore ones and the system except for the mistake for once.
  • Ignore all – Ignore all works for all the errors that occurred on the sheet, you can ignore all by clicking Ignore all at once.
  • Add to Dictionary – If you find a word or couple of words an error but still that word maybe it’s a name or abbreviation that you use in your company, then you need to treat that word correctly you need to add the word to the dictionary. Now that word become the part of dictionary you will never get the error for that word in the future. This option allows the user to add the spelling to the outlook dictionary.
  • Change – When you hit the spelling error, Outlook suggests a couple of suggestion words (for example it suggests School in place of School), Select the suggestion which fits with the sentence section, and click change to apply.
  • Change All – That button activates and applies to all the observation errors that occur at once.
  • Autocorrect – Autocorrect in Outlook functionality work to correct the misspelled word with the selected suggestion. This means, that the next time you type the same misspelled word, Outlook autocorrect would automatically convert it into the suggestion that you selected.
  • By default, you will get English (United States) in outlook spell check language, which you can change according to your requirement. 

Once you are done with all the corrections, you can easily click the send button.

How to Turn on Spell Check in Outlook?

turn on spell check in outlook

Click File >> Options >> Mail >> under Compose Message, select Always check spelling before sending >> click OK

Finally, it is recommended to restart the outlook for proper resetting of changes.

Keyboard Shortcut to Run Spell Check in Outlook

You can also press the F7 shortcut key, and spell check in outlook directly turns on.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Outlook app will search for a word or words on files or in email. If not found, the email will be discarded.

And, if found, a popup box will appear. In the popup box, the misspelled word will be corrected.

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