Why does my Microsoft Outlook not find spelling errors?

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Spelling errors! ask yourself a question if you are a recipient of outlook mail and you get stupid spelling errors in the content, what would be your first reaction?

Not interested.

The point is Outlook spell check not working.

For instance: The example clearly highlighted few words with wrong spelling.

Spelling check Outlook

Most of the users simply click the right button of their mouse and the system automatically reflect a few related words matching to the wrong spelling word, all you have to do is select the relevant words, and your problem is fixed.

Outlook itself holds a few steps to enable the spell checker.

How to spell check in outlook

Step by Step guide of Spell checking in outlook, many of outlook user having issue “outlook spell check not working

Here are some ways that will help you fix the problem of spelling and grammar checkers.

Creating a New mail and your content is ready there is two option to check.

  • Click Review >> Spelling and Grammer

Spell checking in outlook

  • You can also press the F7 shortcut key to get directly to turn on spell check in outlook.

spelling and grammar

There are few options available in the dialog box (Spelling and grammar) above.

  • Ignore once/Ignore all – Sometimes a particular spelling according to the writer is correct, in that scenario you can you these options.
  • Add to Dictionary – This option allows the user to add the spelling in the outlook dictionary.
  • Change/Change All – In the suggestion section you get related spelling which is corrected by Outlook itself.
  • Autocorrect is similar to a change option.
  • By default, you will get English (United States) in outlook spell check language, which you can change according to your requirement. 

After all, you can easily click the send button.

How to turn on spell check in outlook?

turn on spell check in outlook

Click File >> Options >> Mail >> under Compose Message, select Always check spelling before sending >> click OK

Finally, it is recommended to restart the outlook for proper resetting of changes.

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