Why Do My Deleted Emails Keep Coming Back In Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook platform manages multiple emails at a time, the inflow and outflow remain continuously moving, Unfortunately, all emails received in your inbox are not important deleting such emails helps you keep the inbox organized and uncluttered.

That’s not a big deal, every time you act unfortunately turn the wrong way, like the mails that you have deleted showing up again.

Recently most of the users, facing an issue outlook deleted emails keep coming back.

How to stop deleted emails from coming back?

The following issue must be the culprit behind the problem, you can easily get rid of those problems.

  • Outlook add-ins
  • [.ost] file option

Outlook in safe mode

  1. Click Window key + R, In the Run dialog box, type Outlook /safe and press Enter.

outlook safe

Outlook add-ins no doubt help the user but in some cases changes,/interrupt the basic structure of outlook, which causes some irregularities in the function. Disabling such add-ins can help sort things out here.

You can find out your current running add-in and disable the same.

Here are a few steps to carry out:


  • Find Manage Com Add-ins on the bottom of the screen. Click on the Go button.

how to stop deleted emails from coming back

  • COM Add-ins dialog box appears, You will next be required to identify the trouble-making add-in and disable the same.
  • You can observe a few add-ins in that dialog box, the point is which add-in is creating the problem?
  • Select random add-in clear the checkbox for that add-in and restart Outlook.
  • Check either your problem “deleted emails coming back“, exist, or removed.
  • If not, repeat the above step with another add-in until the issue wiped out.

OST File issue

Corrupt OST file somehow, the biggest reason for the functionality of Microsoft Outlook. To get everything on track, delete OST file, and rebuild a new one.

How to get it done?

  • Close Outlook if it is open.
  • Open Run windows by pressing Windows key + R and Hit Enter.
  • In the Run dialog box, type the following and click OK: [%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook\]

delete OST file


  • Open any folder in your system, type: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook\ and Hit Enter.
  • Will take you directly to OST file folder, Select your specific email address [.ost file] and press the Delete button from your keyboard or right-click on it, and select Delete.

OST file

  •  Once you deleted your [.ost] file, the next step would be recreation of [.ost] file.
  • Open Outlook >> Go to File >> Info >> Account setting
  • Here are multiple options to fetch your email account in Outlook
  • Select Microsoft Exchange, Enter the required information in the setting dialog box.
  • Click More setting >> Click to advance >> Offline folder file sharing.
  • Select location and Click OK
  • Your new [.ost] file created.
  • Hit Finish

The above steps delete and recreate your [.ost] file, there must be a 100% possibility that the issue must be resolved.

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