Why am I getting so much Junk mail in outlook+How to automatically delete spam emails

Junk Mail some people know as spam is painful, you are wondering to receive an important email from your client, and you are checking your mail frequently, instead of receiving your desired mail you get spam mail.

Who Irritating!

This article is all about how to automatically delete junk mail in outlook.

What are junk mails?

Unnecessary email on your mailbox directly received from such marketing platforms to which you have not even subscribed to, related to some kind of product or service. An unsolicited email is called spam mail.

Does junk email automatically delete, yes, Outlook helps the user to get rid of junk mail in two separate ways?

How to automatically delete spam emails?

You can easily adjust outlook junk mail settings to permanently delete junk mails instead of keeping them still in the Junk folder.

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click Home >> Junk >> Junk E-mail Options (Shortcut key – Alt H+J+O)

Junk E-mail Options

  • Step 2Junk Email Options dialog box appears >> Click options tab >> check Permanently delete suspected junk email instead of moving it to the Junk Email folder.

Permanently delete suspected junk email instead of moving it to the Junk Email folder

  • Step 3 – Click OK, Finally, all your recent emails stop junk mail in outlook.

How to block the Email domain in outlook?

If you clear analysis spam mail sometimes flows from a specific domain, how about if we can block that domain.

The good news is Outlook allows you to do that?

Here are a few steps guide to follow ~

  • Step 1 – Click Home >> Junk >> Junk E-mail Options (Shortcut key – Alt H+J+O)
  • Step 2 – Select the Blocked Sender Tab for blocking email outlook.

blocking email outlook

  • Step 3 – Click Add.
  • Add address or domain box appears, you can simply add an email address or server name after ‘@ sign’.

For example [promo@etretail.com] or [@etretail.com] or [etretail.com] 

  • Step 4 – Click Ok and outlook block domain.

Crucial point – You can see (import from file) under the Blocked Sender tab [mentioned in the picture above], what does it mean?

In one of the articles, you have already learned How to Export Email addresses from Outlook, in that article you have learned to export the list of email addresses from a specific folder.

After exporting you can easily modify or filter your data according to your requirement.

In this scenario, I have filtered a list of emails [spam emails], I can simply import that file into outlook and click Ok.

Outlook blocked senders list in a single click.

That Cool ~

You can also edit or remove a specific address using the ctrl key in multiple cases. 

How to mark the mail as spam in outlook

Although Outlook automatically selected or sends the mail into the spam folder, in some cases we must mark individually a specific sender to mark the mail as spam.

Simply Go to your inbox and select the email and click the right button on your mouse.

junk mail blocker

You can simply click Block sender or you can opt for Junk E-mail options for a specific selection.

How to get spam mail back in outlook?

Some of the sender’s mail is received in the spam folder and outlook by default understood that mail as spam, it’s natural, so if you want to mark Outlook email as not junk mail., you are required to click on the junk/spam mail folder.

Select the specific email and click the right button from your mouse >> Click Junk >> Not Junk

How To Mark Outlook Email As Not Junk

Mark as Not Junk box, Outlook wants to reconfirm you whether you trust the email received from a particular email address is not spam, it’s a general protocol, Click Ok if you are 100% confirmed.

Mark Email as Not Junk in Outlook

How to block emails containing certain words outlook

Outlook creates rules for spam emails containing certain words in the subject line.

Under this explanation, you are getting a certain amount of email daily, all are spam but from different email addresses and servers.

But there must be some similarities like ‘certain words’.

Outlook spam filter emails containing certain words by creating a rule.

  • Step 1 – Click Home Tab >> Rules >> Manage Rules & Alerts

can you block emails on outlook

  • Click New rule
  • Select your email address from apply change to this folder.
  • In the Rules Wizard >> click Apply rule on message I receive under Start from a blank rule section and then click the Next button.

how to block emails on outlook

  • Another Rule wizard appears, Which condition(s) do you want to check? there are multiple questions/choices, you can select according to your filtration, you can select multiple options.

For specific words, there are few options available.

block email outlook

Select according to your requirements and click Next, (I select with specific words in the subject) and walk you through the next step.

When I select “with specific words in the subject “. My rule description added my commend step 2 option (refer to image).

how to block email on outlook

  • Next, you have to mention the specific word, which outlook can read from the subject line.
  • Click Specific words specified hyperlink in Step2.
  • Search the Text dialog box popup, enter your specific words like “Guest post” and click ADD >> Click OK.

As soon as you click OK step 2 area of Rule wizard mentions your specific word in the command >> Click Next

  • The next step asks you “What do you want to do with the message“. This doesn’t need any explanation, there are multiple options again, select according to your requirement.

There are two options which shoot me (move to the specific folder e.g. spam folder or select it).

  • For better understanding, I selected [move to the specific folder].

how to block an email outlook

  • Next, you must mention the specific folder, which outlook can shift in the specified subject line mail in that folder.
  • Click Specific words specified hyperlink in Step2.
  • Select the folder (or you can click new to create a specific folder >> Click OK.

As soon as you click OK step 2 area of Rule wizard mentions your specific word in the command >> Click Next

  • Another Rule wizard popup, Now the question is “Are there any exceptions”, there are again multiple options, you can select according to your requirement.

how to block incoming emails in outlook

  • In the fourth Rules Wizard, there is no exemption required in the current scenario, but if you want any category, you can select and follow the instruction as before & click the Next button.
  • The final Rule summary in step-up form appears. There is a three-step final rule setup.
  1. Specify the name of this rule.
  2. Setup a rule option.
  3. Review the rule description.

rule wizard outlook

  • Finally, Click Finish Button to complete.

Suddenly too much Junk mail creates your own rule for the specific folder or email id is tremendous, you can easily get rid of your junk mail.

How long does outlook keep junk mail – items in junk email will be deleted after 30 days

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