How to turn off group email notifications in Outlook?

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Just finished to setup Outlook notifications on my computer and started to get all my email alerts.

Pretty cool.

After some time, you encountered real disturbance with every new email received. In case you are doing a presentation or showing someone how to do something on your computer, frequent notification causes real damage to your presentation.

It is better to get rid of it or Turn off Outlook Notifications, in this article, you will learn the step-by-step process to disable Outlook notifications permanently, or you can stop Outlook Notifications.

How to Disable Outlook Notification?

Earlier in the previous article, “How to Set Outlook Notification on Desktop”, you will learn a few different scenarios to enable Outlook alerts.

Here is the step-by-step process to Turn off Outlook Notifications.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook Application.
  • Click on File Tab on the top left side corner of the screen.
  • Click Options >> Outlook Options dialog box appears, Click Mail.
  • On the right side, in the Message Arrival section, choose the options that match your preferences.
How To Turn off Outlook Notifications

Play a sound and Display a Desktop Alert plays a key role in Outlook Notification. The envelope icon in your taskbar is a silent feature bit less annoying. Turning Off Outlook notification reduce distractions while working, uncheck both (Play a sound and Display a Desktop Alert) and simply click OK.

How To Turn Off Customize Outlook Notification? [Using Rule Function]

Some of the users want to keep the notification feature, but due to the specific email address or account regular inflow causes real problems, for instance, “Quora“, If you want to disable the new email notification for a specific email account in Outlook but keep other accounts activate.

Outlook Rule function comes into play, you must keep the inflow intact for all the emails, you can customize specific email addresses using the rule function and restrict them to show you a notification.

You can check that email in your inbox anytime. Let’s begin the process:

Before applying the rule function, make sure to keep all kinds of notifications disabled. Instead of enabling Outlook notifications directly, you must turn on notifications using the rule function, which allows you to restrict access to specific email addresses.

Let’s begin:

  • Open Outlook
  • Click Home >> Go-To Rules >> Manage Rules & Alerts
Turn Off Customize Outlook Notification
  • Rules and Alerts dialog box appears, Click New Rule under the Email rules Tab.
  • Rules wizard dialog box appears >> Select “Apply rule on messages I receive” under Start from a blank rule section >> click Next button.
Apply rule on messages I receive outlook
  • The second Rules wizard selection dialog box consists of numerous options. Under this section, you must select a specific condition of an email received. Leave all the options unchecked and click next, because here you are talking about all the emails. and click Yes in the popping-up Microsoft Outlook dialog.
second rule wizard outlook
  • Next Rule wizard appears >> Select (check) the option “Display a Desktop Alert” and Click Next.
third rule wizard outlook
  • Exemption section, In the next Rules Wizard, checks the “except if from people or public group” box Under Step 2, click on the people or public group link text.
fourth rule wizard outlook
  • In the Rule Address dialog box, select the email account by clicking From, (in case that email address is saved in your contact list) or type manually. Then click OK.
  • Finally Click Next.
  • Final Rule Setup, specify a name for the rule, keep the Turn on this rule box checked, and click Finish. to complete.
Turn on this rule 
  • All set, now onwards, you received all email notifications instead of the specific email addresses.

How to Turn Off Notification of your Own email from multiple ones!

In case you are using multiple accounts in Outlook, and not the specific person and email address is causing you trouble, but the entire most active email address of yours’s own, which gets numerous emails every minute is the biggest problem.

Referring to the above, in the second rules wizard selection dialog box, you must check the “through the specific account” box Under Step 2, click on the “specific” link text.

In the Account dialog box, select the email account you want to disable new email notifications and click the OK button.

How to Turn Off Notification of your Own email from multiple ones

Further steps are like the above clarification. Disable the entire Outlook notification using window seating, you have already learned how?

Focus Assist on Windows 10 feature

In case you like to disable for entire notification for a particular period without disturbing or using any rule function on Outlook, focus assist on window to help you out.

Here is the step-by-step process.

  • Click “Windows+i” on your keyboard, you will directly enter the Settings panel of your computer.
  • Enter “Focus Assist” into the search bar, and then select “Focus Assist Automatic Rule” from the dropdown list.
Focus Assist Automatic Rule
  • Under “Focus Assist” >> Automatic rule section, four options are available, Turn On as per your requirement, “During these times” by default is OFF, you must turn it On.
automatic rule window 10

You must customize “During These Times” by clicking on it and changing the time options.

During These Times

This option allows you to keep yourself undisturbed, for a specific period.

Disable Notification Outlook web

Open and click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen >> Click “View all Outlook settings”.

Disable Notification Outlook web
  • Click on “General” in the left-hand corner of the screen >> Click Notification
  • In the “Desktop Notification” section, turn off the slider next to “Send me browser notifications when a message arrives”.
Disable Notification Outlook
  • Close the file & your Outlook notifications are off.

The above tutorial figures out all the step-by-step processes “How to Turn off Outlook Notifications”.

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