How To Separate Email Addresses in Outlook?

Sending email messages to multiple recipients is not new, usually corporates users, or even in the self establishment, single email send to the various persons is common.

You can insert multiple email addresses in the [To:] header field, or use the [Cc:] or [Bcc:] fields to add more recipients.

In this article, you will learn “How To Separate Email Addresses?

Outlook by default uses a semicolon as a separator while composing multiple email addresses. Manually use can use a semicolon, coma & Tab keyboard key, these are the indicators to Microsoft Outlook to understand that your email address is completed and other email addresses if required will be entered.

Outlook autosuggest and tab key is my favorite, which simply allows me to enter one or two alphabets of the email address, auto-suggest reveal related email address which was already saved in the system, once you select the email address using up-down key or mouse and simply hit Tab key.

Separate Email Addresses

The above image reveals semi column separator between every email address. Even if you are using semicolon; coma, or Tab key. The visibility is the same (semi column ;).

How to Enable/Disable coma to separate multiple message recipients?

Coma is a natural way to type and separate multiple addresses into the ToCc, or Bcc fields. By default, comma separator is active in Outlook but some of the users having trouble separating using coma. Here is the step by step guide to check and activate this feature.

  • Open Outlook
  • Click File Tab >> Hit Options
  • Click Mail from the left-hand side options >> Scroll down till Send messages section.
  • Select the check box, “Commas can be used to separate multiple message recipients“.

Commas can be used to separate multiple message recipients

  •  Finally Hit OK, Now you can use commas as separators.
This future applies to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010; Outlook for Microsoft 365; and Outlook Online.

Commas separator is a more advanced web-based email platform which automatically identifies the email address of the recipient on entering the initial of email, and on sele=ecting lock the email address automatically.

In case you are entering a new email address, which was not stored in the memory, you can recognize a comma between email addresses as the separator between contacts.

After locking the email address places a box around it.

You can simply hit backspace to delete the email address and click the right mouse button to edit the new email address once locked.

Outlook application allows you to correct the email address using the mouse but in Outlook web you have to edit.

Commas separator Outlook web

After entering all email addresses using commas as the separator, the stage is set to compose your required email message.

Bonus: Tab key is one of the excellent methods to separate the email address of the recipient quickly both in Outlook &

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