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Getting notification on your Mobile Phone (Outlook application) is normal, but it comes with a few restrictions like the availability of an internet connection on your mobile phone. Configure Outlook to send you texts is slightly different.

Did you know that Outlook for Office 365 can send you text message alerts?

Sending an email message to your sender’s mobile phone through SMS can be possible using related, service provider carriers.

In this article, you will upgrade your knowledge of “How to send Outlook email through Mobile Phone SMS“.

How to send a text message from Outlook?

Most of the time users won’t check email on their smartphones, checking emails to be an act of office or desk activity, but surveys have shown that people read their text messages much more quickly than they do their emails.

If any sender wants the receiver to respond quickly, the message must bang on the door through a text message.

Creating an Email Message is as similar to creating a normal message, the only difference is the address:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Click on New Email from the top left corner of the screen.
  • Instead of typing an email address, you are going to type the sender’s mobile number (standard ten digits)
  • Now the tricky part, you have to append the service provider gateway domain.

There are numerous service providers with different gateway domains globally.

Below are listed some popular carriers in the United States.

CarrierSMS Gateway Domain
160 Words - Text Based Limit
MMS Gateway Domain - Longer message with multimedia support
AT&TSMS: [insert 10-digit number]@txt.att.netMMS: [insert 10-digit number]
Boost MobileSMS: [insert 10-digit number]@sms.myboostmobile.comMMS: [insert 10-digit number]
Cricket WirelessSMS: [insert 10-digit number]@mms.cricketwireless.netMMS: [insert 10-digit number]
Google Project FiSMS: [insert 10-digit number] [insert 10-digit number]
Republic WirelessSMS: [insert 10-digital number]
SprintSMS: [insert 10-digit number]@messaging.sprintpcs.comMMS: [insert 10-digit number]
Straight TalkSMS: [insert 10-digital number]@vtext.comMMS: [insert 10-digit number]
T-MobileSMS: [insert 10-digit number]@tmomail.netMMS: [insert 10-digit number]
TingSMS: [insert 10-digit number]
TracfoneSMS: [depends on underlying carrier]MMS: [insert 10-digit number]
U.S. CellularSMS: [insert 10-digit number]@email.uscc.netMMS: [insert 10-digit number]
VerizonSMS: [insert 10-digit number]@vtext.comMMS: [insert 10-digit number]
Virgin MobileSMS: [insert 10-digit number]@vmobl.comMMS: [insert 10-digit number]

You can find a Full list of gateway domains for all carriers outside the United States >> Click here

  • Enter the sender’s mobile 10-digit number along with gateway domains.
gateway domain

Once you fill in the details (just like the standard email message) you can simply click Send to send the message, which will be delivered on your sender’s mobile number.

How to Create Contact using Mobile Number in Outlook?

You can also create a contact using the sender’s mobile number to send a Text message.

  • Open Outlook Contacts from the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
  • Click on New Contacts, which opens ups the screen where I can add a new contact.
  • Enter the name (use different text to differentiate the mobile number and email address).
  • Enter the ten-digit mobile number along with gateway domains.
create contact gate domain
  • Click Save and close, Now opens up an email message type the name instead of the complicated Mobile number, and you can see the saved contact appears, which will send a text message to Boss.
Email address text

After you created multiple contacts using mobile numbers, you can also create a distribution list from the contact list considering the member, once you need to send an email to multiple people at once, you can simply enter the name of the group (which consist of an email address of people and mobile numbers).

After sending the email to the group, the receiver’s mobile number saved in your list will get the text message, and others will get the email message.

How to Receive Email Notification on Mobile through Text?

Normally when you create a message, and your receiver responds to your message it will receive back to your email address. On the other, if you wanted to respond and get the reply on your phone number, here is the step-by-step method:

  • Open Outlook >> Creates a new message and enter the email address of your receiver.
  • Go to Options >> Direct reply to.
  • A properties dialog box appears, in the delivery option “Have reply send to“, you email address from which you are about to mail the receiver is mentioned.
  • You can change the email address with your ten-digit mobile number along with gateway domains.
have reply send to

Note: At the same time, you can also add your email address to get the copy in your mailbox.

How To Send/Received Text Email Using Rule Function?

Microsoft Outlook rules allow you to set up a specific sender to receive a text message whenever you receive an email message later on.


  • Open your inbox and select the email received from your (Manager, co-worker, or Boss).
  • Click on Rules from the move section and Click “Create Rule“.
email notification phone
  • This opens up the prompt where I create my rule whenever Jocab emails me I also get the text message.
  • Click the checkbox from Jacob Noah.
rule prompt
  • Click Advanced Options this opens the wizard options.
how to send email on outlook
  •  Keep this part as it is the name of the person checkbox is already selected. You can see the description in step 2 below: “Apply this rule after the message arrives from Jacob Noah“, Click Next.
Outlook email notification phone
  • In the next section, I can define what happens when I get the message from Jacob Noah, Select the check box “Forward it to people or public group“, Click on People or public group from the part 2 section, which will open up a dialog box where you get to select the address or type unlist one.
send new email notification to phone in outlook
  • Double click on the listing contact having a mobile number with gateway domains or enter below in the TO section manually.
  • Click Ok, you can see that it will be forwarded to that number.
how to send email on Microsoft outlook
  • Next, leave the exemption section as it is, In the Final Rule Setup, check the rule description once and click Finish.

After that whenever I receive an email message from Jacob, I will get a text message on my mobile phone.

Outlook sms message

Not only the above rule criteria you can also create your own rule considering a specific subject, or person and set up your mobile number with gateway domains to receive the text message instead of an email message.

In this article, I am sure you must try a few methods of How MS Outlook sends emails to SMS ​text messages to close the gap.

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