How to Select multiple emails in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook allows the user to select multiple emails at a time, there are few easy methods to execute the process.

Why select multiple emails in outlook to delete or move to a specific folder, in this article, you will get step by step tutorial on How to Select multiple emails in Outlook?

How to Quickly Select Multiple Emails in Outlook?

Few known ways how Outlook Selects all emails.

  • Press and hold down the Shift key from the keyboard until your selection.
  • Press Ctrl and use your mouse to select multiple emails.
  • Highlight the first message you want to select in the list press shift and select the last message in the list of emails – Use your mouse.
  • Press Ctrl+A to select all the emails in the folder.

In the Quick Access Toolbar, there is an option, you just need to click on this button all your mail is selected.

It’s a professional approach you don’t need to press any shortcut key.

By default, that key is not available in Quick Access Toolbar, you must do some homework to get it to appear.

How to add SELECT ALL BUTTON in Quick Access Toolbar?

Here are step by step process to add the select all button in Quick Access Toolbar ~

  • Open Outlook >> Click the arrow key on the left-hand top corner of the screen on the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Select more commands from the list.
add select all button in Quick Access Toolbar
  • The next step is especially important, the Outlook option popup appears, it consists of tons of options, select All Commands in the Choose commands drop-down list.
  • Choose the Select All option from the drop-down list and click ADD.
  • Select All is added to customize the quick access toolbar.
  • Finally, Click OK.
How to Select multiple emails in Outlook
  • You can check to select all options added to Quick Access Toolbar.
Quick Access Toolbar

Clicking on the image in the red box from the image above you can easily select all your email with a single click.

Once you set up this process and enable select all in customizing quick access toolbar, the option is permanently active.

How To delete multiple emails once they are selected?

We have learned multiple methods to shift emails to a folder, archive, or forwards selected emails, how about if you need to delete or remove selected emails from your inbox?

The process for removing multiple emails is the same no matter what version of Outlook you use.

Once you selected multiple emails, press the Delete key from your keyboard, and it simply goes to the trash folder. where you can repeat the same process to permanently delete from your inbox or any other folder.

How to Move Multiple Emails in Outlook once Selected?

Moving multiple emails to a specific folder using various methods like Rules, New search folder, and many more, you can also move multiple emails once they all are selected.

There are a couple of quick methods:

  • Drap and Drop
  • Move function

You can simply select multiple emails using any of the above methods, and help yourself with the mouse left button, Hold the mouse left button, and drop an email to the folder you created.

All the emails you have selected are moved to your folder very easily. Once those emails are moved they are disappeared from your main inbox.

The second method is to click on the mouse right button after those emails is selected, select the move option from the list of options, and now select the folder you like to move those emails to.

Use Keyboard Short Shift + Ctrl + F10 to open the option after selection.

These are a couple of smart methods you can move those emails to a folder. Outlook also offers something called Search Folders. This allows you to create a folder that filters your inbox for emails based on specific criteria you set.

Selecting Multiple Emails in the Outlook Mobile App [iphone]

Outlook Mobile users somehow select multiple emails by long-pressing (tap and hold) any email until a checkmark appears to the left of it and then tapping each email you want to select.

Once you select an email, there is an option to select all on the top left corner of the screen to select all the emails of that account.

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