How To Schedule a Meeting in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook scheduled meeting, and result in productive outcomes. The outlook is very much convenient for the users and keeps track along with meeting reminder to their participants.

In this article, we will cover all topics “How to schedule meeting in outlook?“, “How to decline meeting request in Outlook” & “How to accept a meeting request in Outlook“.

Keeping the introduction short, let’s dive into the step-by-step process.

How to schedule a meeting from an email?

Schedule a meeting in Outlook with your employee, they receive an invitation email with the meeting details.

Participants can accept or decline your meeting invitation.

Outlook adds the meeting to your Outlook calendar, keeps track of your attendees’ responses, and sends a reminder before the meeting starts.

This basic step by step guide walks you through the process of scheduling a meeting.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook >> Click Home Tab >> New Items

How to schedule a meeting from an email

  • Click Metting, [Use short cut Click Alt HIE] or [press Ctrl+Shift+Q], you will get an email generation page with a specific function.

accept meeting request outlook

It’s time to put up the input data.

  • Enter the email address of each attendee according to your list attending the meeting, here we are talking about multiple people, it is recommended to click To button and select the contents or group in a single click or you can enter manually.
  • Enter the Subject, For instance – “Review meeting regarding progress“.
  • Location/Venue is important, For instance – “Meeting Hall ‘3’ O/o Managing Director”.
  • Choose the date, Start time, and End time for the meeting.
  • If your meeting is designed for the whole day, you can select “All day event“, outlook will not allow you to enter the time now.
  • Create your content or message, you can add an attachment with the meeting invitation.
  • Click Send.

outlook send meeting reminder to participants who haven't responded

The meeting invitation by default also includes the right to members in the form of response options, in which they can submit their responses and also apply for new time proposals.

response options outlook

If you like to withdraw the new time proposal for the member you can uncheck the option before sending the mail.

How to accept decline meeting in Outlook?

Attendees accept or decline an invitation on outlook by clicking the response button, the result will be transmitted to the sender, and the attendees also allow to propose a new schedule.

How the attendee’s email lock like refer the snapshot.

The Receiver can Accept, Decline and click tentative vote in (accept decline invitation option), and also propose a new time. You can see the date time and venue of the meeting is mentioned in the mail.

How to accept decline meeting in Outlook

Cancel Meeting in Outlook?

Due to unavoidable circumstances, the scheduled meeting required to cancel, Microsoft Outlook allows you to cancel the meeting and send a cancelation mail to the attendees.

Please look at the following tutorial.

  • Once you scheduled a meeting and send the invitation mail to your attendees, the meeting is saved in your calendar. cancel meeting in outlook
  • The first step is to open your send box to cancel the meeting in outlook.
  • Click the calendar on the meeting tab.
  • Your calendar opens and find the meeting on the calendar and double-click the meeting.

how to cancel an appointment in outlook

  • Double click takes you back to that mail you created, but this time you have to cancel the meeting appointment.
  • Go to the Meeting tab and click Cancel Meeting. The meeting invitation changes to a meeting cancellation.

future date calendar

  • Enter the matter why the meeting is canceled and click send cancellation.
  • All your participants/Attendees received cancellation mail, and the meeting is removed from the calendar.

You can check your send box meeting canceled mail send to all the participants.

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