How to ADD QR Code to Your Outlook Email Signature?

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How to Add QR CODE to Your Outlook Email Signature?

Have you ever thought about adding a little extra flair and functionality to your email signature in Outlook?

What if I told you that incorporating a QR code into your Outlook email signature is not only possible but also surprisingly simple and incredibly useful?

That’s right!

In this post, I’m going to walk you through the easy steps to add a QR code to your Outlook email signature.

Whether you want to link to your LinkedIn profile, a personal website, or even a digital business card, a QR code in your signature can provide a quick, scan-and-go option for your email recipients.

Not only does this make your signature stand out, but it also offers a convenient way for people to connect with you.

How To Create QR Codes for Outlook Signatures?

Crafting an Outlook signature that includes links and information is fascinating, and these days, adding QR codes to signatures has become a trend.

However, some people may feel hesitant about scanning these codes due to security concerns.

I will walk you through the step-by-step process of “How to add QR codes in email signature“.

  • The first stage is to create a QR code from an external source and download it.
  • The second stage is to add that QR code into your Signature.

For creating a QR code for signature you have to use an external source, Click here for the free QR code generator, and you will be directed to the website.

Once you open that URL, select “contact” from the options and fill out the required form.

Although you’ll find a variety of options such as URL, MultiURL, Free Text, PDF, App, Email, Phone, and SMS, each selection leads you to a distinct form. Once you fill out the form, the QR code is automatically generated, allowing you to easily download it and add it to your Outlook signature.

QR code generator

A static QR Code is generated, and you can customize the size, and border according to your requirement.  

Static QR Code

Click save, enter your File Name, and select the type of format you like to save the QR code (PNG, SVG, EPS).

Save QR code

Having completed the initial step of generating QR codes with the relevant data, the next phase involves integrating these codes into your existing email signature or incorporating them as you create a new one in Outlook.

There are numerous websites available for creating QR codes tailored to your specific needs.

For demonstration purposes, I’ve selected a random website – this is not a promotion, merely an example.

How to Add QR Code to Email Signature?

Signature in Outlook brings a professional approach to your reader and adding a QR code along with a signature allows the user to directly scan and add your contact details to his mobile contact list.

Outlook signature qr code

You can design your own signature using a QR code and attach it to future emails.

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So Let’s Dive in and understand:

  • Open the Outlook Application (Old or New) version.
  • Click on New Email (or Press the Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + N), you will be directed to the new email window.
  • Click on insert tab >> Signature, which will show you your existing signature name, and if you need to create a new one you need to click on Signature.

Using an example, I’ll demonstrate how I added a QR code to my existing email signature.

Click on the Signature icon, and you’ll see the “Signature and Stationery” dialog box. At the top of this box, there’s an option labeled “Select signature to edit,” where you can find your existing list of signatures.

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Choose the signature you want to add a QR Code to. In the “Edit Signature” section, you can easily modify your entire signature.

Keep in mind that you have already saved your customized QR Code on your system. Now, you just need to incorporate this QR Code into your existing signature.

Under the Edit Signature section, click on the “Insert Image” option from the top.

Select the QR code you have saved in your computer folder and arrange the QR code wherever you want in the signature layout. Once your email signature looks perfect, remember to click ‘Save Changes.’

Before you go ……

And there you have it!

By following straightforward steps to add a QR Code to your Outlook email signature, this simple addition, perfect for sharing websites, contact information, or documents, acts as an innovative bridge between you and your recipients.

Small details like a QR Code can greatly impact the way we communicate, offering a seamless experience for those you connect with.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does an email signature QR code cost?

Email signature QR codes are usually either free or available at a minimal cost, thanks to online QR code generators. For more customization or advanced features, there might be some charges.

How to scan an email signature QR code?

Scanning a QR code in an email signature is easy: just use a QR code scanner app on your smartphone and point the camera at the code to view the linked content.

What information can be encoded in QR codes for email signatures?

In email signatures, QR codes can carry a variety of information, including contact details, links to social media profiles, or website URLs.

Are there privacy considerations when using QR codes in email signatures?

When it comes to privacy with QR codes in email signatures, it’s important to be cautious.

Make sure that the content you’re linking to is secure and doesn’t inadvertently share sensitive information without proper consent.

Do QR codes in email signatures impact email deliverability or security?

Generally, using QR codes in email signatures does not affect the email’s deliverability or security, as they are merely static links and do not interfere with the email’s functionality.

Can QR codes in email signatures link to dynamic or changing content?

For linking to content that may need regular updates, dynamic QR codes are an excellent option.

They allow for the modification of the linked content even after the QR code has been created, which is ideal for updating website information or promotions in real time.

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