How To Print Email from Outlook App?

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Microsoft Outlook keeps a record of email in their specific folder, and you can easily find the required email using the search bar, keeping a copy in your system using drag and drop options is also another scenario.

Most of the time printing outlook emails and keeping the hard copy in record is also a favorable option for some users. In this article, you will come across a Print Email from Outlook.

How to Print Email from Outlook Desktop?

Filling the copy of the Email message required a hard copy, The desktop version allows you to print email attachments directly from Outlook, other than attachments you can also print the entire message in the email.

  • Open the email message from the folder.
  • Click Ctrl + P shortcut key is one of the common methods which almost everybody is aware of.
  • Or Click the Print Preview or Quick Print icon from the Quick Access Toolbar in the top left corner of the screen.
Quick Print
  • Or click the File tab from the top left corner and Print
  • Hit Print to print the email message or select Print Options.
Print Outlook email

How To Print Attachments in Outlook?

You can print attachments in Outlook email by downloading them to your drive or directly from the Outlook application.

  • Open Outlook >> right-click the attachment icon
Print attachment
  • Click Quick Print and it will take you to the Print section where you select your desired printer and hit Print to get your hard copy.

How To Print Email Message Only in Outlook?

The above method prints the entire message including the header, date & subject. Sometimes you may want to hide an email message’s header during printing to keep it confidential or for other purposes.

The below methods print outlook emails with header and username using the reply or forward feature.

Print Outlook emails using the reply or forward feature excluding headers

Once you forward or reply to the specific email message to somebody the previous headers are added in the mail, which is an indicator for the recipient that the mail is either forwarded or replied to.

forward message

So after clicking reply or forward, select the entire information and remove:
(1) Remove the recipients, subject, and attachments from the message header.
(2) Remove the replying header at the top of the message body.

Now everything is ready you can simply click Ctrl + P to print the entire message excluding the header.

How to Print a List of Emails in Outlook?

Printing a single email message is quite simple, but what about a list of emails showing information like who sent them and when? Outlook can easily print the list of emails that are visible on the screen in a queue.

You have to create a list of the email message using the search bar which filters the emails, there are several ways to do this.

You can enter specific inputs like the name of a person, email address, subject, word, or sent in a specific time frame. Outlook searches your required emails in the folder.

search bar outlook

Once you cross-check the list, you’re ready to print. When you print this list, it will be in the order that is displayed in your folder, so don’t forget to order them the way you want.

  • Click the File tab on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Click Print from the menu on the left-hand side.
  • You can change the setting to “Tabular style“.
Table form outlook
  • On the right-hand side, you will check the preview, all your required emails are in tabular form.
tabular form in outlook

Look perfect, select your printer and then click Print.

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