How to Send Email to Undisclosed Recipients in Outlook?

A newsletter or mailing list is an email list that you send out to subscribers, either on a periodic basis or in response to an event. Many organizations, businesses, and educational institutions use mailing lists to distribute news or information to their constituents. All the recipients are unknown to each other, and the best method …

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How to Delete all Unread Emails in Outlook?

new search folder

If you use Microsoft Outlook, you know that it can be frustrating to have hundreds of emails in your inbox you can’t read. It’s even worse when you know that several of them are junk, but you can’t seem to find a way to delete them every single time. In this article you will get …

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How to Add Google Map Location in Outlook Email Signature?

When using a Gmail account, the email signature format is quite simple, as all the fields are located in your email settings section. But if you are using Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, or any other email services, you need to add Google Map location HTML to your Outlook email signature. In this article, you will learn …

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How to Add contacts to Favorites in Outlook?

Add new contacts to your contact list. Now, how do you access them again? Remember the contact label? Outlook stores contact labels, too, so you can find anyone quickly. You might know how to pin mail folders as favorites in Microsoft Outlook. How about if you need to add contacts to favorites, which can be …

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How to Set up AutoCorrect in Outlook? [Explanation + Examples]

When you send an email, it is natural to assume that it will be received in the format you intended. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, word-processing programs autocorrect your emails, reformatting or rearranging them. You could think of autocorrect as your friend—it saves you from accidentally typing something embarrassing or adding extra words …

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Keyboard Shortcut for Reply/Forward in Outlook

Keyboard Shortcut to reply Forward in outlook

Microsoft’s Outlook email offers a helpful shortcut in which you can reply to an email, forward an email, or start a new email without leaving the currently open email. Here in this short article, I will walk you through a couple of Shortcut Keyboards to Reply/Forward in outlook. Shortcut Key to Reply in Outlook Reply …

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