How to set up multiple Gmail accounts in Outlook 365?

enable imap gmail

The whole world’s current scenario is turning into electronic media, Electronic mail is one of them, the majority of the user in corporates, or individual using Gmail or their specific corporate server mails. Microsoft Outlook is one of the great email platforms mostly very popular in corporate and multinational companies on the other hand Outlook … Read more

How to Setup An Autoresponder in Microsoft Outlook 365? [Out of Office using rule]

Manage Rules & Alerts Out of office rules

Taking a break from your work is necessary, but office work is an endless process, even if you are on vacation the inflow of Email messages keeps banging your Inbox, although your mobile device can easily access all your emails and you can reply using your mobile phone. How about somebody reply on your behalf … Read more

How To Add Voting Buttons in Outlook? [Create Poll With Multiple Options]

How to respond to vote in outlook

Recently I received a mail message from my corporate office regarding my meeting agenda, The meeting is about new product lunch on the national level, there must be all-important people available in the meeting. The whole day is occupied in the meeting, The lunch and evening tea is included in the meeting. At the bottom … Read more

How to create a watermark in Microsoft outlook?

Printed watermark

Inserting a picture watermark in outlook is classy, also popular as Outlook background image. Every user read it differently, some like to use professionally and like to mark as a trademark. Microsoft outlook replacing major competitors for the purpose of electronic communication and what if the receiver will get the email with the inbuilt organization … Read more

Why does my Microsoft Outlook not find spelling errors?

spelling and grammar

Spelling errors! ask yourself a question if you are a recipient of outlook mail and you get stupid spelling errors in the content, what would be your first reaction? Not interested. The point is Outlook spell check not working. For instance: The example clearly highlighted few words with wrong spelling. Most of the users simply … Read more

How to create to do list in Outlook?

How to view task in Outlook

Preparing your road map/future plan is fruitful for every person, whether you are planning for a vacation or your dinner, office assignment, or financial investments. Every task required to prepare ‘To-Do list‘. Many people prefer to keep a list of things to do on paper, sticky notes, or in a spreadsheet, Does Microsoft outlook have … Read more

How to Search Outlook with Multiple Words? + Unable to Search in Outlook (Fix it)

outlook search option

Microsoft Outlook search option is really magic posses top position when you talk about searching your mail from your folder. The search option available in Microsoft outlook has improved its functionality to make users more clear and transparent. If you want to find some email or data from the inbox or any other folder, use … Read more