Outlook Overwriting Text – [How to Fix overtype mode?]

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It’s strange, but some people suddenly find that their Outlook text fields (such as Subject and To) randomly disappear.

While this can happen at any time while using Outlook, it tends to be especially bothersome when composing an email.

Have you ever wanted to overtype something or want to add a little flavor to your text? Overtype mode allows you to do just that. Want to see what happens when you type in a word? Try using the overtype mode.

Overtype mode is a new feature in Microsoft Office 365 that lets you change words automatically instead of typing them out. The feature was released recently and is already available in Outlook for Windows and Mac.

You can now choose from a variety of languages and typesetting styles while composing emails and texts. Overtype mode helps you quickly compose messages without having to manually correct spelling errors.

Using the same data format as other applications, such as Office documents and PDFs, makes it easier to share information between devices.

What is Overtype Mode in Outlook?

Overtype mode replaces the text you type with something else. When overtype mode is active and you type a letter, it replaces the letter to the right of the insertion point.

Normally While typing and you need to replace specific words or text, you simply remove the text using the delete and type new content. Overtype mode automatically replaces the text you need.

Keep the cursor just before the text and start typing the new content by removing or deleting the previous content, Overtype mode replaces the content automatically until typing.

Sometimes it turns out to be a problematic issue, which is why Overtype mode to by default turned off. You need to manually enable it.

In this article, you will learn the steps ‘How to turn on or off the overtype mode in Outlook‘ in detail:

How To Turn Off Overtype Mode in Outlook?

If you are not familiar with the technical terms of such issues, not even you, Currently every human being mostly uses Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, or PowerPoint) in their regular life and encounters Overtype issues.

They search in Google like:

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Get Rid of Overtype Mode in Outlook

  • Open Microsoft Outlook >> Click New Mail
  • Click File from the top left corner of the screen >> Hit Options
  • Outlook Options dialog open appears >> Select Mail from the left pane
  • Under the right pane Compose a message and click Editor Options.
editor options outlook
  • Click Advanced from the left pane
  • In the edition option, there is an option and its sub-option.
  1. Use the Insert key to control overtype mode
  2. Use overtype mode

In case you select “Use the Insert key to control overtype mode” you can enable toggling the overtype mode by using the Insert key on the keyboard. If you select “Use overtype mode” your text will be covered directly whether you use the Insert key or not.

Use the Insert key to control overtype mode

Turn both options unchecked to disable Overtype Mode in Outlook.

  • Click the OK button to finish the setting.

Now you can work normally, the Overtype option feature in Microsoft Word, which can also turn ON and Off easily using the same method.

Shortcut key for Overtype Mode

You can turn it On and Off, Press the “Ins” key to toggle overtype mode on/off depending on opening the keyboard you use, in recent keyboards or laptops, you need to click “FN” along with “Ins” to activate.

In the case of Outlook, this function doesn’t work, you need to follow the steps explained above in the article.

Final Words

In summary, While the best way to get started with overtype is to try it out and see if it works for you, here are some examples to try: Use overtype mode when writing an email that has a draft already in your outbox — to rework parts of it where you can start by deleting the existing text.

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