Why is Outlook Working Offline? [How to Switch Offline to Online?]

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Suddenly Outlook works offline, restricts real-time updates and it switches your brain activity to a different task, it can be frustrating to find out the reason and fix it. On the brighter side and in my personal experience, Offline working is one of the best features of Microsoft Outlook.

Majority of work you can perform while Microsoft Outlook is offline (not connected to the internet):

  • Draft a new email message
  • Read all unread messages
  • Reply to important mails with or without attachments
  • Forward emails with additional information or with attachments
  • Download the attachment from your email in your Inbox
  • Add a task to your calendar
  • Add /Edit contacts
  • Deleting Emails/items

After the internet connection is online all your email settings in Outbox will be transmitted to their senders.

Other email service providers like Gmail, Rediff mail, Yahoo, or even Outlook.com, work on a web-based platform, in case you lost internet connection, you have to connect it back to resume your work, but in Outlook 365 application-based, you can work, read, or create your email or even send your mail (which settle in outbox) until you get your internet connection back.

Most of the work created and replying or forwarding dressed and ready to execute until the internet connection.

In this article, you will learn “How to switch Outlook working Offline to Online”? and “What is the reason behind it”?

A study by the University of California, it will take 25 minutes on average to get back on track after an interruption.

How To Turn Off Working Offline in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook user always keeps the universal update, an Email message is the best source. Since Microsoft Outlook is always open on your personal computer, you won’t miss anything.

But do you really afford to distract your mind and lost (25 minutes) of your precious time, however not every email message is important, and really needs your attention, you have a simple solution for avoiding this, you can activate ‘Work Offline’ mode for temporary stop unwanted incoming emails.

You can easily change the mode from Offline to Online / Online to Offline with a single-step process:

Visually, on the button right-hand side corner of the Outlook 365 application screen, you can check the status bar, which reveals whether your Outlook is officially connected to the internet or not.

Turn Off Working Offline in Outlook  or How To Turn Off Working Offline in Outlook

Outlook has an on/Off switch to change the mode (Online/Offline), Open Outlook >> Go to Send/Receive Tab >> Find work offline under preferences.

Office 365 Switch from offline to online mode

work Offline LogoClicking on it activate Offline mode and vice-versa. If the Work Offline background is shaded, then you are Work online logonot connected and if the background is showing clear then you are connected.


Why is Outlook Offline?

Turning Outlook offline to online or vice-versa feature results are satisfactory, but in case Outlook is Online but still working offline. There are a few technical issues that could be rectified and allow the user to work smoothly.

  1. Poor/brock internet connection
  2. Internet connection not on the mark
  3. Or some bug problem, which can be removed by restarting Outlook.
  4. There must be a problem with the mail server.

Restarting Microsoft Outlook or any other electronic device cleans up the technical bugs and makes your device or setup work smoothly.


  • Outlook.com platform and Mobile Outlook application cannot change the offline settings.
  • It is mandatory that Outlook must be connected online when you can be able to turn off Work Offline mode.

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