What is Touch Mouse Mode in Outlook? [Turn On/Off]

Touch screen Laptops, desktops, and tablets are introduced and Office also required to add additional functionality to operate all office applications with touch mode. Touch mode is designed for fingers, which are much wider than the average cursor.

What is Touch/Mouse Mode in Outlook?

Touch/Mouse Mode switches the pattern of visibility and also increases the spacing between commands in the ribbon, Outlook Touch Mode allows the user to simply operate without a mouse, Touch screen Operating system operates with the finger, the additional spacing helps them out. Mouse Mode lets us use the program with our mouse.

Basically, Touch Mode increases the spacing which helps the user to operate Outlook with the finger easily.

How to switch between Touch Mode and Mouse Mode in Outlook

Switching Touch Mode to Mouse Mode and vice versa is just a click away:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Click on the launcher key on the quick access toolbar, it expands the drop-down list.
  • Select Touch/Mouse Mode

Touch Mouse Mode

Touch Mouse Mode icon

  • Click on the Touch/Mouse Mode icon, and choose a mode as required, by default mouse mood is selected.
  • Once you click on Touch Mode the complete visibility changes. Both the image below gives you the comparison.

Touch Mode

New mode Outlook

Mouse Mode

Old Mode Outlook


In addition to the reading pane, a new menu bar, functionality visibility also changes.

Vertical look Outlook

You can also change or reset to mouse mode by reversing the action.

Outlook “Touch mode” adds a useful feature. When Touch mode is turned on, there is a Delete button on the right side of the screen where you can hit it with your thumb, refer to the image above.

Touch mode also allows you to operate just like mouse mode. the desktop version of Outlook on a laptop with a touchscreen.

Difference between Touch and Mouse mode

The functionality and features of both the Touch and Mouse mode are similar, there are a few minor differences, you can use Touch and Mouse mode both by mouse, It might often face problems due to the spacing between the two options, that’s why spacing in touch mode helps a lot.

The biggest difference is icon font size, which helps the user to click with the finger without the chance of hitting a neighbor key.

The second major difference is Touch mode includes a new menu bar on the right side of the screen, which includes standard keys, like (Reply, Reply all, forward, move, followup) but in addition to touch, mode adds Delete option which is not included in Mouse Mode.

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