Outlook To do list vs Tasks!

Is Outlook To-do list vs Tasks topic really searching for? Are Microsoft Outlook users still wondering about the real difference between outlook tasks vs to-do lists?

Yes, there are numerous users still unable to differentiate between both terms.

The first thing in the morning I use to do is to write down my daily task on paper or sometimes in an excel spreadsheet. In Outlook, you can combine your various lists into one list, enhanced with reminders and tracking.

There in this article, you will learn Outlook Tasks vs To Do List.

What is the Difference Between Task and To-Do list in Outlook?

In my early days when I personally started using Microsoft Outlook, I am confused about the differences between the Outlook to-do list vs tasks.

The only difference I recognize is to-do list is the list of events that I have planned for execution in the future, and a task is an event.

& I am right!

Task icon is available in the Outlook navigation section, which helps to enter the platform to create Regular Tasks & Recurring Tasks, now the questions are where tasks are saved.

Here To-do List comes into play:

To-Do is any Outlook item that is flagged for follow-up, usually flagged email, as well as all of the tasks in the Task folders in the profile.

The list contains follow-up emails and tasks which can check in each task folder later whenever required, Todo list is not designed to save flagged emails and Tasks, reviewing all tasks would take longer than it should be available in the To-Do List.

Once you create a new task using, the task is stored in the To-Do folder as well as the default Tasks folder.

Basically, there is no comparison between Task and to-do lists in outlook, To-do list on the tagboard consists of tasks.

One of the major differences between Outlook to-do list & Tasks is Clicking on the Task icon on the navigation section is Task folder only consist of active tasks only, but in the case of the To-do list consist of all the events like flagged email, calendars as well as task.

Todo list consists of:

  • Categories
  • Start Date
  • Due date
  • Type
  • Importance
  • Assignment
  • Modified Date
What is the difference between Task and To-Do list in Outlook

You can arrange and sort the list according to your convenience.

NOTE: Since Microsoft To-Do is a web-based application, the desktop Outlook task experience is still the same and did not change.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What does the Outlook to-do list include besides tasks?

The To-Do List is a folder that contains all of the items that need to be done, allowing users to see an aggregate list of all tasks that need to be done, apart from that flagged emails also hold the position in the to-do list.

What is the Key Difference Between Flagging and Creating a Task?

Task and Email flagged are different, flagging an email set a reminder to deal with that email, To-do list, and list out all the emails which you flag in your respective folders as the task.

Similarly, that email is also visible on the Tasks peeks, in case you delete that email message, naturally the email is also removed from the task (to-do list).

But, if you create a task from the email message, the new separate task is independent of the message. If the original message from your folder is deleted, the task remains available on the to-do list, including the copied contents of the message.

Wrap up

In conclusion, tasks are best used for short-term tasks while to-do lists are perfect for organizing long-term goals. Tasks should be completed immediately, while to-do lists are for later.

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