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This post is about how I use Outlook Suggested Replies. I love Outlook because it’s a great email client for me. I can’t use it on the go, but I can work and write from my home PC. I find it better than Google’s Gmail, you can use it to forward emails and you can set a ‘smart’ reply which tells you the best possible place to write in your message.

Outlook Suggested Replies seems similar to Outlook text prediction, but there is a major difference, Outlook text prediction auto-suggests the word or phrase while you are typing your email message, but Suggested Replies give you three to four autoreply to short cut options, which you can click and send quickly, instead of typing your entire reply.

Outlook Suggested Replies Outlook has seen a gradual shift toward adding more features and functionality over the years, so it’s no surprise that the program has begun to suggest replies to common emails.

What is Outlook Suggested Replies all about?

Whenever you received an email Outlook AI suggests the best possible reply. You can select the best suggestion and reply to which suite is favorable for your recipient. In case you’re unhappy with the text (the suggestion), you can report it to us (the editor) by selecting “Report inappropriate text.” Microsoft is working with AI technologies to create tools that allow creators to make amazing content. The only condition required is “Whenever you received an email message having some kind of question, and which would be only replied with the specific answer” Suggested Replies come into play. What is Outlook Suggested Replies all about Even in Android or iPhone bother the devices, suggested replies work the same way. suggested replies mobile

How do I turn off suggestions in Outlook?

One of the first things a new Outlook user runs into is the Suggested Replies feature. It’s an interesting feature that is supposed to help you round out your email writing experience with a few extra lines, but how do you get rid of it? There are several ways to manage Suggested Replies both in Outlook Application, Outlook Web & Outlook PWA.
  • Open the Outlook application from your desktop or Laptop.
  • Click File Tab >> Mail from the left panel.
  • Scroll down to the reply and forward section.
  • Uncheck the box “Show suggested replies“.
suggested replies disable In case of Outlook Web & Outlook Progressive Web Apps (PWA) the steps to almost like the Outlook application.
  • Open Outlook Web
  • Click the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen to open the settings.
  • Click View all Outlook settings, in the pop-up window, select Mail and then Compose and reply.
  • On the right, uncheck the box for Suggested Replies.
turn off suggestions in Outlook web (1)
  • Click Save.
Note: Outlook Suggested Replies feature is only available for Outlook email account users.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you’re sending out emails to clients, colleagues, or friends, you should keep in mind that you’re speaking to each of them personally, and you need to tailor your message accordingly. Suggested replies also help the questioner in case the mail send to multiple customers or clients regarding the survey, the reply received is quite clear which later helps in preparing some kind of data. Also, Read

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