How Outlook Snooze Email? (All You Need to Know)

Snooze an email in is the feature to get reminders of specific email messages at a predefined time.

Snoozing messages is a powerful way to manage your busy inbox. You can snooze messages that you aren’t ready to handle yet and revisit them later.

Sometimes due to a busy schedule, you won’t switch to your existing task and replies an important email received in your inbox, in that case, we need to get back to that email and reply.

Microsoft Outlook Snooze feature allows you to reappear an exact email at a particular time.

What Is Snooze in Outlook?

Have you ever wondered what snooze means in Outlook? Well, let me tell you, it means exactly nothing.

It’s simply a button that allows you to schedule an email to send out at some unspecified time later. If you don’t want to miss anything anymore, then turn off those emails.

Outlook has become one of the most common email clients in the world.

It lets us manage our mailboxes easily through its various features such as scheduling messages, archiving them, and forwarding them to other accounts.

The default setting of every Outlook user is to receive scheduled emails.

This feature is particularly useful when dealing with large inboxes or in case you receive tons of emails every day.

However, if you aren’t careful enough, you might end up missing important messages because they get buried under countless incoming emails. How can you stop that from happening?

How to Snooze Email in

To snooze an email in, Let’s walk-through step by step method:

  • Open in the browser.
  • Select an email you want to snooze, by making a tick in the corresponding checkbox.
  • Click the Snooze button.
Snooze in Outlook
  1. Select a specific time slot given in the dropdown list, or you can customize your own convenient date/time.
snooze time slot
  • You can select the Choose a date option and the date and time >> Click save to complete the process.
set customised date and time outlook

After initiating the action, you can instantly reverse the action using undo option which will appear for almost a second on the button on the screen.

Snooze undo

Your email message is automatically removed from the folder and moved to another folder “Snooze“, which is available on the left-hand side of the screen.

Snooze folder

You will find all your snoozed emails available in this folder. If you want to deal with it before then, there is no option to unsnoozed the email message, earlier you will find the “Unsnoozed button” which will move the email message back to the inbox.

One of the drawbacks is once it is set, you can’t reverse or undo the snooze, in case you skip the undo appears just after you initiated the feature.

However, if you delete or archive the email from your account, you won’t get any notification for that specific email in

How to Snooze an Email in the Desktop Version of Outlook?

There are no such separate options available in the Outlook Desktop application for snoozing an email message, but still, you can do that in the Outlook application.

The purpose of snoozing is to schedule an email to send out at some unspecified time later.

  • Open Outlook Inbox, and select the specific email you like to schedule.
  • Go to the Home tab from the ribbon >> Click on Follow up the drop-down list
  • Select add reminder

A custom dialog box appears “Flagging creates a todo list that reminds you to follow, After you follow up, you can mark the todo time complete“.

There are three options Flag to, Start Date, and Due date. Flag to consist of multiple options available in the drop-down list, you can select any option.

Select the Start date and Due date, the most important thing is a reminder, by default the reminder check box is already selected, set the date and time, and click OK.

That is, now you prescribed the time and date you will get the reminder to follow up on that email message.

How to Unsnooze an Email in Outlook?

When you snooze an email message, that message shifted to snoozed folder from the original folder. To unsooze the email in Outlook, go to snooze folder available on the left navigation section, open the folder by double clicking on it.

You will get all the message when are snoozed. Select the message >> Go to snoozed option on the top ribbon on Outlook web, click to open the drop down list.

Select Unsnooze from the drop down list, your message again jump back to their original position.

Wrap up

In conclusion, Outlook snooze emails are useful to help you know when you have to work on an email. It prevents you from getting distracted by your inbox and helps you keep track of your priorities.

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