Keyboard Shortcut To Insert Trademark Symbol [™️] In Outlook?

The ™ symbol is typically used for an unregistered trademark, which means that the mark may not yet be registered with a trademark office but is in use or intended to be used to promote or brand goods. It serves as a public notice of the claim of ownership of the mark.

It is usually positioned in superscript style at the upper right of the trademark.

Let’s dive in and explore how to insert the Trademark symbol in Outlook using a keyboard shortcut.

Shortcut to Trademark ™️ in Outlook

Inserting the trademark symbol in Outlook is straightforward for users familiar with the process.

However, for those who need assistance, these few shortcut options can easily help insert the trademark symbol.

Insert Trademark Symbol with Hotkeys in Outlook Emails

Hotkeys are an inbuilt feature that enables users to quickly search for and insert specific emojis or symbols into their worksheets with just a click.

  • Window key + period (.)
  • Window key + semicolon (;)
  • Initiating this action will open the “Emoji Picker”. To select the trademark symbol from the top navigation section, use the Tab key in conjunction with the left and right arrow keys.
  • Enter “trademark” to display options, including Symbols, Emojis, and GIFs.
  • Hit Enter to Insert and then Click ESC available on the top left corner of your keyboard to close the Hotkey dialog box.

This way, you can easily use hotkeys to insert the trademark symbol into your Outlook email message. It’s important to remember to place the cursor exactly where you want to insert the trademark symbol.

Use Keystroke

A keystroke shortcut, also known as a keyboard shortcut, is a combination of keys that, when pressed simultaneously, perform a specific function or command within a software program.

Hold the “ALT” key on your keyboard, then type the Unicode character 0153. Upon releasing the “ALT” key, the “Trademark Symbol” will automatically appear on your screen.

ASCII Code to Insert Trademark Symbol

Type 2122 from your keyboard, then press Alt + X

Every keyboard consists of a couple of ALT keys, one located on the left side of the spacebar and another on the right. In the context of converting codes into symbols, it’s the ALT key on the left side of the spacebar that is typically used for this function.

On macOS, you can use the keyboard shortcut Control + Command + Space to open the emoji picker and select Trademark Symbol from there.

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