Subscript In Outlook [Shortcut]

Subscripts are small letters, numbers, or symbols that appear slightly lower than the normal text line.

They often denote small mathematical equations such as chemical formulas, mathematical equations, and footnotes.

This blog post will explore Subscript Shortcut in Outlook.

For example, CO2 , X2+Y4 , log2 625

This blog post will discuss using Keyboard Shortcut to Subscript in Outlook Messages.

Shortcut to Subscript in Outlook

It is possible to apply subscript formatting to any number, letter, or symbol in your document using the keyboard shortcuts listed below.

  • Select the existing text that you want to format as a subscript or place your cursor where you want to insert the subscript.
  • Press Ctrl then press the = (equal sign) at the same time.

Subscript Shortcut using Format Text tab in Outlook

Using Subscript from the text tab using the keyboard Shortcut is very easy. Follow the steps below:

  • Place your cursor where you want to insert the subscript. Or select the existing text that you want to format as a subscript in your draft message.
  • Click Alt + O + 5
  • Your selected text will change to subscript.

You can also use the Symbol Dialog Box to Insert a Subscript in your email message in Outlook, it is pretty complicated.

Probably if you think you have done something wrong you can use the CTRL Z Keyboard shortcut to undo the task.

Subscript Shortcut using Font Dialog Box

Font Dialog Box is specially designed to change and modify the font used during creating a new email, reply, or forwarding. Follow the steps to get the subscript shortcut using the font dialog box.

  • Select the text that you want to format as a subscript in your draft message. Or place your cursor where you want to insert the subscript.
  • Press Control D (CTRL + D).
  • That will open the Font dialog box, which consists of multiple options like Font, Font style, Font size, Font color, and many more. It also includes a Subscript checkbox.
  • To select an active subscript for the text selected, use your Tab key and spacebar to select.

Note: – The tab key will be pressed until it reaches the Subscript option and hit the Space bar to select the checkbox.

  • Then Hit Enter. The selected text is converted into subscripts.

Subscript Symbol Shortcuts

In all the above methods any text you select will be converted into a subscript.

The Symbol dialog box in Outlook offers subscript versions of the numbers zero through nine and a small collection of subscripts mainly used in equations and formulas.

You can easily insert the selected symbols as subscripts into Outlook email messages using a combination of a few Keyboards Shortcut.

Below Table give you details with symbols and Keyboard shortcut:

SymbolNameKeyboard Shortcut
0Subscript Zero2080 + Alt + X
1Subscript One2081 + Alt + X
2Subscript Two2082 + Alt + X
3Subscript Three2083 + Alt + X
4Subscript Four2084 + Alt + X
5Subscript Five2085 + Alt + X
6Subscript Six2086 + Alt + X
7Subscript Seven2087 + Alt + X
8Subscript Eight2088 + Alt + X
9Subscript Nine2089 + Alt + X
+Subscript Plus Sign208A + Alt + X
Subscript minus Sign208B + Alt + X
=Subscript Equals Sign208C + Alt + X
(Subscript Left Parenthesis208D + Alt + X
)Subscript Right Parenthesis208E + Alt + X
aSubscript Latin Small Letter a2090 + Alt + X
eSubscript Latin Small Letter e2091 + Alt + X
oSubscript Latin Small Letter o2092 + Alt + X
xSubscript Latin Small Letter x2093 + Alt + X
Subscript Latin Small Letter ₔ2094 + Alt + X

Important Things to Know About Subscripts in Outlook

You can apply the subscript format to the portion or some part of the text in the email message.

And if you want to apply to only partial text in the paragraph, first get into the edit mode (by clicking the control and arrow keys), select the part on which you want to apply the subscript format, and then use the steps above.

Note: You can add the icon of the subscript format to the quick access toolbar in case you need to access the subscript format regularly. That way, you can access it with a single click of an icon on the quick access toolbar.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, subscripts in Outlook can be a helpful tool for quickly and easily formatting emails.

Subscripts are also useful for adding notes to the bottom of emails, or for adding special characters to emails.

By following the steps outlined above, you should be able to insert subscripts into Outlook emails easily.

This can help you quickly and easily add the necessary formatting to make your emails look more professional and organized.

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