Outlook Shortcut To Send Email

Any Email you create (New, Reply or forward) need to send to their designated location. The end route is to Send the Email message.

Sending emails on Outlook can be fairly quick and easy but there are certain shortcuts that can minimize the number of steps required to send out emails.

Here is a guide on how to use the Outlook Shortcut feature which will allow you to quickly create and send emails without any hassles.

Keyboard Short to Send Email in Outlook

  • Ctrl + Enter
  • Alt + S

Both the shortcuts are capable to send your email message to your desired address no matter if you create a new message, replying or forwarding the message the above shortcut does the needful.

Steps to use Ctrl + Enter & Alt + S Keyboard Shortcut

Ones you created your Email Message along with Subject line, entered the emails address of your recipient in To, CC, or BCC, check everything is one track, don’t forget to enter your signature.

  • Press Ctrl + Enter or
  • Press Alt + S

Why Control + Enter not working in Outlook?

Outlook has an option to enable/disable Ctrl + Enter for send. In addition, the first time you press Ctrl + Enter while composing a message, Outlook will ask if you want to turn it on.

In case you tried to send email using Ctrl + Enter and the above options is disable, you won’t be able to send the email.

Few Additional Information on Outlook Shortcut to Send Email

  • Once you finalize sending the email message check out everything twice, before pressing Ctrl + Enter or Alt + S shortcuts.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, using Outlook shortcuts is a great way to save time, especially when sending emails.

It’s easy to learn and can be used to quickly send emails without having to open up a new window.

With the ability to customize many of the shortcuts, users can make Outlook more efficient for their specific needs.

Whether you are using Outlook for business or personal emails, its shortcuts can be used to make the process faster and easier.

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