Keyboard Shortcuts for Send Email as Attachment

I’m excited to share some incredibly handy keyboard shortcuts for sending emails as attachments in Outlook.

As someone who relies heavily on Outlook for daily communication, I’ve found these shortcuts to be real time-savers.

In this blog post, we’ll explore Keyboard Shortcuts for Sending Emails as Attachments.

Keyboard Shortcut to Sending Emails as Attachments

Ctrl + Alt + F

Almost every keyboard has a pair of Ctrl and Alt keys. To execute the action of sending an email as an attachment, you can use any combination of these Ctrl and Alt keys along with the ‘F‘ key.

Steps to Send Email as Attachment using Keyboard Shortcut

Below are the detailed steps to Send an Email as an Attachment using the Keyboard Shortcut:

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook Application.
  • Hold Control + Alt, you can use both the combination of Control and Alt Keys.
  • Click Alphabet “F“.
  • Your selected email is attached to the new email.

Shortcut to Sending Emails as Attachments for Outlook on the Web

Unfortunately, Outlook on the web doesn’t offer specific keyboard shortcuts for attaching emails. I usually drag and drop emails into the compose window.

Alternate Methods

  • Drag-and-Drop: I often drag an email directly from my inbox into the new message window. It attaches the email as a .msg file.
  • Quick Access Toolbar: Customize this toolbar to include the ‘Attach File’ option for quicker access.


Learning and using these keyboard shortcuts in Outlook has drastically streamlined my email management.

I strongly encourage you to try them out. Not only do they save time, but they also add a level of efficiency to your workflow that you’ll definitely appreciate.

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