Quick Parts [Keyboard Shortcut]

In this blog post, we’ll be focusing on one such shortcut in particular: Quick Parts.

This handy feature, available in programs such as Microsoft Word and Outlook, allows users to save frequently used blocks of text or graphics for quick insertion at a later time.

By assigning a keyboard shortcut to these parts, you can easily access them with just a few keystrokes, saving you the hassle of copying and pasting or typing out repetitive information.

So, let’s get started!

Keyboard Shortcut to Insert Quick Parts in Outlook

Keyboard shortcut to insert Quick Parts in Outlook checkout below.

Open Outlook New Mail window using Control [Ctrl + N].

Press Alt + N + Q

You will list Quick Parts select the one you like to insert using the Up and Down arrow keys and press ENTER.

Standard Keyboard consists of pair of Alt keys, both will work to insert Quick Parts in Outlook New Email message, Forward, or Reply.

Steps to Use the Keyboard Shortcut to Insert Quick Parts in Outlook

Follow the below steps to use Keyboard Shortcut to insert Quick Parts in an Outlook message.

  • Open Microsoft Application.
  • Create a new email using the keyboard Shortcut Control + N, Quick Parts are also used while forwarding and replying to the email.
  • Select the location and keep your cursor where you need to insert Quick parts.
  • Press the Alt key.
  • Without releasing the Alt Key, press the N and the Q key. That will open the quick parts dropdown box.
  • You will get multiple Quick Parts, select the one you like to insert using the UP and DOWN arrow keys.
  • Press Enter Key to insert the Quick Parts in your desired location.

Another Keyboard Shortcut to Insert Quick Parts in Outlook

The fastest way to put a reusable piece of content into an email message using a Keyboard is this:

Every time we create a quick part, we name it, in this method all you need to remember is the name.

Type the quick part name where you want the content to appear.

Press F3, which will replace Quick Parts, just like that!

In case the name is unique you can also enter the partial name and Hit F3, for instance taking the above case, if you enter only “Meet” and Hit F3, then also the Quick part is inserted of your desired location.

Another method to insert Quick Parts using Quick Access Toolbar

Quick Access Toolbar always use to act on any function quickly using an addon button added in QAT.

There are a couple of methods to Add Quick Parts in the Quick Access Toolbar, we have a detailed video on it.

Once you have added Quick Parts in the Quick Access Toolbar, Press the Alt key and release, which will enable the numeric series above Quick Access Toolbar.

You need to press the associated number with Quick Parts, in my case, it’s 5. That will open the list of Quick Parts and you will select using the UP and DOWN arrow keys and hit Enter to paste it into your message board.

Additional Information about Quick Parts in Outlook

  • In case you prefer to use only partial words, which will also work, insert the Quick Parts into your desired location.
  • It is not mandatory to use upper-case and lower-case characters as given in the original Quick Parts name.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the Quick Parts keyboard shortcut is a valuable tool that can save you time and energy when working on all Microsoft platforms.

It allows you to store frequently used text or graphics and quickly insert them into your email message without having to retype or copy and paste.

By mastering this keyboard shortcut, you can increase your productivity and efficiency, leaving you more time to focus on other important tasks.

So, take advantage of this handy feature and see how it can benefit your Microsoft Outlook workflow today.

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