Print Preview in Outlook [Shortcut]

Print Preview is the final checkpoint to review the formatting and margins before you get the Printout. The control + P Keyboard shortcut directly takes you to the print preview page.

Print Preview shows you the entire email along with all the details, like the email address, date and time, your email address and subject, as well as the page layout and any headers or footers that you have specified.

In case of multiple pages, you can click on the next page to checkout, or you can also preview the entire email using multiple page options, which allow you to check the entire email message on your screen without clicking the next button.

Click the mouse left button keeping the cursor on the print preview portion, the preview zooms and converter the size to the original readable.

Keyboard Shortcut to Print Preview in Outlook


To get the print preview, you can use the keyboard shortcut Control + P.

By pressing this keyboard shortcut (which is the same key that we use to print), you will be shown the print section of the page, and, on the right side, you will be able to view a preview of the print job before it is actually printed.

Control means CTRL on your keyboard, you get two Ctrl keys on your keyboard, and both control keys along with P results in Print Preview.

Ctrl P

In order to send your printout to your printer, you need to click the Print button after you have completed the preview of how your Printout will look when it is printed.

How to Use the Keyboard Shortcut to Print Preview in Outlook?

Before using the keyboard shortcut to print, you have to make sure that what you want to print or check out the print preview.

  • Select the email from the list (inbox folder, sent folder, or any other folder) for which you want to see the Print Preview screen. You can also double-click and open the email in a separate window.
  • Hold the Ctrl key (any of it).
  • Then click the P button.

Another method to Open Print Preview Window in Outlook

There’s one more keyboard shortcut that you can use for the print preview in Outlook and that’s Alt + F + P.

This shortcut key opens the file tab and then opens the print option to show you the print preview section.

Before using this shortcut, you must make sure that you have selected the correct email you want to check out for Print Preview.

In case you won’t like to use the Keyboard shortcut:

  • Click the File tab from the top left corner of the screen.
  • Select Print from the left navigation section.

That will take you to the Print Preview page if everything is on the mark and can simply select the printer and Hit Print.

Print Preview using Quick Access Toolbar

Quick Access toolbar is available just below the navigation toolbar in my case, maybe you will get above the toolbar in your case, no matter what.

You can add a print preview button in the Quick Access Toolbar in simple steps: The keyboard short to get a Print preview using the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) is Alt + 3.

The numeric figure will vary according to the position of Print Preview in your Quick access toolbar. If the position of Print preview in QAT is 4th, you must use Alt + 4 keyboard shortcut.

Does (Ctrl + P) Print Preview Shortcut works in Outlook Web?

Ctrl + P is the standard command which automatically gives you the preview before printing. It also works in Outlook web, but it is like selecting the entire screen in the preview.

The above image really looks unorganized, there is one method to check the Print Preview:

Double-click the email message which opens it to a separate window or select the email from the list of folders, and then:

  • Hold the Ctrl key (any of it)
  • Then click the P button

Few Additional things to Know About Print Preview in Outlook

  • Not only Email, but you can also use Print Preview Shortcut Ctrl + P in Task, Calendar, and Contacts.
  • It is possible to view all of the pages that would be printed one at a time by clicking on the arrow icon at the bottom-center of the print preview window, which will display all the pages that would be printed one by one.
  • Print Preview by default includes Email address, received from, date and time, and Subject in the print preview window.
  • In case you click Ctrl + P, just by selecting the email from the Folder list, In the print preview option, you will get two options Table Style & Memo Style.


All in all, using the print preview shortcut in Outlook saves time and helps users quickly get a look at their prints before they hit the print button.

By setting up the print preview shortcut, Outlook users can quickly take a look at how the print will look, change the settings before it goes into print, and save themselves time and energy in the process.

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