Pop Out Reply [Keyboard Shortcut]

When it comes to managing emails, efficiency is key. One of the most useful features in email clients like Outlook is the Reply Pop Out function.

This feature allows you to open a new email window while still keeping the original email open, making it easier to reference the original message while composing your reply.

However, constantly clicking on the Pop Out button can be time-consuming, which is why keyboard shortcuts are a great alternative.

Using keyboard shortcuts can save you a significant amount of time when composing emails.

In this article, we will explore the keyboard shortcuts for the Reply Pop Out function in Outlook.

We’ll show you how to quickly open a new email window, allowing you to compose your reply without losing sight of the original message.

Whether you’re a busy professional or just looking to streamline your email workflow, these keyboard shortcuts are sure to come in handy. So, let’s get started!

Popping Out Reply in Outlook [Shortcut]

Keyboard shortcuts can be used to quickly access the Reply Pop Out feature in Outlook. These shortcuts can save time and effort, especially for users who frequently use the Reply Pop Out feature.

In Outlook, the default keyboard shortcut for Reply Pop Out is Ctrl + Shift + R. For Popping Out Reply in Outlook the Keyboard Shortcut would be:

Control [Ctrl + O]

Both Control Ctrl keys available on your Keyboard will work with O.

Steps to Popping Out Reply using Keyboard Shortcut in Outlook

Here are the steps in detail to Popping Out Reply using Keyboard Shortcut in Outlook.

  • Select the folder (inbox) and use up and down arrow key from your keyboard to select the email message you need to open in a separate window.
  • Press ‘Control’ and then Hit ‘O

Note: You can use any pair of Control keys available on your keyboard.

That email now opens in a separate window, allowing you to respond directly. You can easily input the recipient’s email address, craft a subject line, compose your message, attach any necessary files, and promptly send it off.


In conclusion, we have learned that keyboard shortcuts are a valuable tool to increase productivity and efficiency when using Outlook.

Specifically, the Reply Pop Out keyboard shortcut is a great way to quickly open a new message in its own window, allowing us to easily reference the original message and compose our reply without switching back and forth between windows.

We have discovered that the default behavior in Outlook 2013 is to create replies inline, but a pop-out button is provided to open the new message in its own window.

Additionally, we have learned that we can run the Pop Out function using the keyboard by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + R keys.

By using the Reply Pop Out keyboard shortcut, we can save time and streamline our email communication, ultimately making our workday more productive and stress-free.

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