Permanently delete message [Shortcut]

Permanently Delete Message in Outlook is a process entirely different from simply deleting an email.

When you delete an email, it is moved from your folder to the trash folder, where it can be recovered at any time unless it is removed from the trash folder.

However, when we talk about permanently deleting an email, it means the email does not go to the trash folder.

Instead, it is directly removed from the Outlook folder and cannot be recovered.

In this article, you will learn the keyboard shortcut for permanently deleting an email in Outlook.

Keyboard Shortcut Permanently Delete message Outlook

The keyboard shortcut for “Permanently Delete message” in New Outlook as well as Outlook Classic is:

Shift + Delete

Every keyboard has a pair of shift keys, and users typically use either shift key according to what’s most comfortable for their fingers.

However, in this case, to permanently delete an email in Outlook, both shift keys will work in conjunction with the delete key.

Steps to use Keyboard Shortcut to Permanently Delete Messages in Outlook

  • Open Outlook Application.
  • To permanently delete an email, first select the email you want to remove. You can use the up and down arrow keys to navigate and change your email selection. If you need to delete multiple emails at once, hold down the Shift key while selecting them.
  • Press Shift key
  • Now Press the Delete key while holding down the Shift key.

Your selected emails will be permanently deleted from Outlook using this keyboard shortcut. This method is applicable in both classic and new versions of Outlook.

An alternate method to Delete Email message Permanently in Outlook

Deleting an email message permanently in Outlook manually involves a somewhat lengthy process.

First, you need to select the email, and delete it, which moves it to the Trash folder.

Afterward, you must navigate to the Trash folder and delete the email from there.

This two-step method is required to ensure the email is permanently removed from your inbox.

Important Things to Must Know About Permantly delete emails in Outlook

There are several important aspects to be aware of when it comes to permanently deleting emails in Microsoft Outlook:

  • Permanently deleting an email in Outlook typically involves a two-step process. First, you delete the email from your inbox, which moves it to the “Deleted Items” folder. Then, you must delete it again from the “Deleted Items” folder to ensure it’s permanently removed.
  • Items in the “Deleted Items” folder may still be recoverable for a certain period, depending on your organization’s settings. After this window expires, the email may be permanently deleted.
  • If you accidentally delete an email and need to recover it, you can try to restore it from the “Deleted Items” folder before it’s permanently removed. There may also be options to recover deleted items in your organization’s Exchange server, depending on your settings.
  • Permanently deleting emails means they cannot be recovered. Exercise caution and ensure you truly want to permanently remove an email before taking this action.

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