How to Open Outlook Without a Mouse? [Keyboard Shortcut]

In today’s digital age, technology provides us with powerful tools to make our lives easier and more efficient.

Although Outlook is an incredibly powerful tool, it can be difficult to access without the use of a mouse.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to open Outlook without a mouse using a simple keyboard shortcut.

Is there a Keyboard Shortcut to Open Outlook?

Fortunately, there is a keyboard shortcut that can be used to quickly open Outlook without having to physically touch a mouse or trackpad.

Technically there are a few indirect methods and customized methods to open the Microsoft Outlook application from the Keyboard Shortcut.

Open Outlook from Desktop [Shortcut]

Most User keeps a shortcut of the Outlook Icon on their desktop, which helps to open the Outlook application by double-clicking on that icon.

Follow the steps to open using Keyboard Shortcut:

To open Outlook, first press Windows key + D, which will minimize all open tabs, then press O (that represents the first letter of the Outlook shortcut on your desktop). Press Enter once you have selected the Outlook icon.

Note: In case you have multiple folders or Files on your desktop having the first letter starting with O, press O frequently until you reach the Outlook icon.

Open Outlook from Taskbar [Shortcut]

The taskbar is available at the bottom of your screen, which is always visible, regular application icons are usually available there, and Outlook is also one of them.

Below are the steps to Open Outlook from the Taskbar icon.

To open Outlook, First press the Windows key + D, which will minimize all open tabs, then press the Tab key which will take your cursor to the tab section, use the right and left arrows to move the cursor in the taskbar.

Press Enter once you have selected the Outlook icon from the Taskbar.

Open Outlook from windows [Shortcut]

In both the above scenarios Outlook icon must be available on your desktop or taskbar if you still have not added the icon to the desktop or taskbar and still need to open Outlook using Keyboard Shortcut.

Here are the steps:

First press the Windows key, type Outlook, and Hit Enter,

Customized your Keyboard Shortcut to Open Outlook

By customizing keyboard shortcuts, you can easily access Outlook with a few keystrokes rather than navigating through the system menu and clicking on the Outlook icon.

This can save you a few valuable seconds each time you need to open Outlook and get down to business quickly.

Without wasting time let’s dive in to understand how you can create your own customized keyboard Shortcut to Open Outlook.

  • Go to your Taskbar find Outlook Icon and click the mouse right button.
  • You will find a few recent files and the Outlook icon, again click the mouse right button.
  • That will open a few more options, click properties from the list.
  • Outlook properties dialogue box appears which consists of multiple tabs select Shortcut Tab.
  • By default, none is allocated which means there is no such keyboard shortcut to open the Outlook application.
  • Keep your cursor there and assign a keyboard short, for instance [Ctrl + Shift + O], you can assign any shortcut of your choice.
  • Finally, Click OK and Apply.

The next time you can open the Outlook application from your customized Keyboard Shortcut.

This feature is applicable to all Office platforms like Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, opening Outlook without a mouse can be easily achieved with a few keyboard shortcuts.

This method is faster and more efficient than using a mouse and can be adapted to most Microsoft Office programs.

With practice and some memorization of the shortcuts, you can quickly learn how to open Outlook and other programs without a mouse.

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