New Year Emoji Keyboard Shortcut for Outlook 🎊

As the New Year approaches, it’s customary to send emails during the week before and after the holiday, often incorporating New Year-themed emojis to convey appreciation and festive spirit.

In this article, we will explore a selection of popular emojis commonly used to wish a Happy New Year, as there is no specific emoji designated solely for the New Year.

Popular Emoji for New Year

The most common emoji used for wishing New Year emoji are:

Here’s a table format listing the names of commonly used emojis for New Year wishes in the first column, and the corresponding emojis in the second column:

Emoji NameEmoji
Party PopperπŸŽ‰
Confetti Ball🎊
New Year’s Eve PartyπŸ₯³
Champagne Bottle🍾

Shortcut to Insert New Year Emojis with Hotkeys in Outlook Emails

Hotkeys provide a convenient method to quickly insert emojis into the body of an Outlook email message.

While there is no specific emoji for New Year, the following emojis can be effectively used to express and add a festive touch to your New Year messages.

Press the Window key + period (.) or Window key + semicolon (;) from your keyboard to the Emoji Picker panel.

Once the “Emoji Picker” dialog box appears, type the name of your desired emoji into the search bar. You will be presented with a few options or designs.

To select an emoji, click on the Emoji Icon in the top navigation section. You can also use the Tab key along with the left and right arrow keys for navigation.

Type “Party Popper” or “Fireworks” or “Sparkles” or “Confetti Ball” or “Balloon” or “Champagne” or “Dancing” to display options, including Emojis and GIFs. The only challenge is that you will have just one option available here.


Unicode to Insert New Year Emojis Symbol in Outlook

Unicode is the combination of alphabet and numeric which can be typed easily from your keyboard, once the Unicode is entered, pressing Alt + X converts it into the corresponding emoji.

Let’s explore a few New Year-related emojis along with their respective Unicode codes.

Type UnicodeResult
1F38AConfetti Ball
1F389Party Popper
1F37BClinking Beer Mugs
1F386Fireworks Emoji
1F973Parting Face Emoji

“F” must be typed in uppercase. Type your required Emoji Unicode, and that will convert it into related emojis.

You can use the above shortcut while creating a new email, replying, and forwarding the email.

Steps to Insert New Year Emojis Symbol using Keyboard Shortcut in Outlook

Here are the steps in detail to Insert New Year related Emojis Symbol using Keyboard Shortcut in Outlook.

  • Open Outlook application
  • Keep your cursor where you need to insert your New Year-related emoji.
  • Type the specific Unicode you need to insert an emoji of.
  • Keep all the alphabets in the Unicode in the uppercase.
  • Press Alt + X to convert the code to an emoji.

Note: Every keyboard generally has two ALT keys, one on the left side of the space bar and the other on the right. For specific tasks, such as entering Unicode characters, it’s essential to use the ALT key located on the left side of the space bar, as the right ALT key may not perform the same function.

Insert New Year Emojis with Copy and Paste?

The simplest method for inserting New Year-related Emojis using a keyboard shortcut is to copy the emoji from a document on your computer and paste it into the desired location.

  • Open the File or Documents from where you like to copy the Emojis.
  • Press “Ctrl” + “C.
  • Open the email message (New, Forward, or Reply) depending on your requirement and insert the symbol there.
  • Press “Ctrl” + “V“.

Let’s Copy the New Year Related Emoji from Here:

Emoji NameEmoji
Party PopperπŸŽ‰
Confetti Ball🎊
New Year’s Eve PartyπŸ₯³
Champagne Bottle🍾

New Year Emojis into Outlook using Stock Images [Shortcut]

Another approach to inserting New Year Year-related emojis like (Fireworks, Sparkles, Confetti Ball, Balloons, Dancing, and Champagne Bottles) into the Outlook message body is stock images.

Here are the steps to insert New Year Related Emojis using Keyboard Shortcut:

  • Open the message and keep the cursor where you want to insert the New Year Related Emojis.
  • Press Alt + N + P + S which will open Stock Images Wizard.
  • Type Fireworks OR Sparkles OR Confetti Ball OR Balloons OR Dancing OR Champagne Bottles in the search bar, and you will get a couple of options to select.
  • Select the one using the tab key and spacebar, again use the tab, and hit insert using Enter Key.
  • Your selected Emoji is inserted in the message body.

Insert New Year Emoji in New Outlook

As mentioned earlier, while there is no direct emoji specifically for New Year, you can use related emojis such as Fireworks, Sparkles, Confetti Ball, Balloons, Dancing, or Champagne Bottles to convey the festive spirit.

In the case of the new Outlook interface, which is identical to Outlook Web, keyboard shortcuts for inserting emojis are not applicable.

Therefore, to insert these emojis, you need to utilize the options available in the navigation section of the platform.

  • Open New Outlook
  • To compose a new email, click on the “New Email” option located in the Home Tab at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Keep your cursor, where you need to insert your New Year-related emoji.
  • Navigate to the Message tab and look under Add-ins, where you’ll find an option for emojis. When you click on it, enter the name of the emoji in the search bar, and you’ll see several related options. Select the desired emoji and click ‘OK.’ The emoji will then be automatically inserted at the location where your cursor is blinking.

I have compiled a list of New Year-related emojis, complete with their keyboard shortcuts, Unicode codes, and methods for inserting them into your Outlook email.

If you need any other emoji that is directly related to the New Year, please let me know in the comments section, and I will be sure to add it to this article.

Wishing all my readers a Happy New Year!


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