Move Email To Folder Outlook [Shortcut]

One of the important Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts makes the work for users very smooth and transparent, that is the Move Email to Folder Outlook Shortcut.

Are you tired of having to navigate through the Outlook menu every time you want to move an email to a folder?

You can save time and effort by creating a keyboard shortcut to move messages quickly and easily.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you “Keyboard Shortcut to Move Emails to a Folder in Outlook“.

Keyboard Shortcut to Move Emails to a Folder in Outlook

[Control] + [Shift] + v

Ctrl + Shift + V

Steps to Move Email To Folder using Shortcut

Below are the steps to move emails to the folder using Shortcut:

  • Open Outlook Application
  • Select the email you like to move to a specific folder.
  • Click Ctrl + Shift + V
  • That will open the Move item dialog Box, it consists of all the email addresses added to your Outlook application along with all the folders.
  • Use the Up and Down keys to move the cursor and use the right and left keys to expand and collapse the folder to see its subfolders.
  • Hit Enter or Use the Tab key to move the cursor to OK then hit Enter.

Important Note: – You can move the selected email from one folder to Other folder a different email also.

Other Alternate Method [Shortcut] to Move Email To Folder

  • Open Outlook and select the email you like to move to the folder.
  • Click Alt + H + MV
  • Select the folder from the recent folder list or you can hit “O” for Other folder.

Few Important Points to Move Email to Folder Outlook

  • You can also use drag the drop method to move messages into a folder. If you accidentally drag messages to the wrong folder, press Ctrl+Z to return the messages to the original folder.
  • Creating a Rule in Outlook designed to move specific emails into a certain folder.
  • In case you like to switch the folder Use Ctrl + Y, and the keyboard shortcut Outlook displays the Go To Folder dialog.
  • Use Shift Key to select multiple emails at once and Click Ctrl + Shift + V, and all the selected emails are moved altogether to your selected folder.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, moving emails to folders in Outlook is an effective way to organize and manage your emails.

By using the keyboard shortcut or drag-and-drop method, you can quickly and easily move emails to folders.

This will help you keep your inbox organized and enable you to find specific emails easily.

Copy Paste and Cut Paste Email Messages from one folder to another is also a popular traditional method to move Email Messages from one folder to another using Shortcut.

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