Mark Email as Not Junk [Keyboard Shortcut]

If you’re looking to mark an email as not junk, likely, the email has already been moved to the junk folder.

This could have happened either because you accidentally dragged the email into the junk folder, or you intentionally marked it as junk.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the keyboard shortcut to reclassify an email as not junk, ensuring it returns to your main inbox.

Keyboard Shortcut to Remove email from Junk folder

To reclassify an email that has been mistakenly marked as spam, simply press Ctrl+Alt+J. This action will designate the email as regular, moving it out of the spam folder.


Every keyboard is equipped with multiple control and alt keys to perform actions.

You have the flexibility to use any control or alt key in conjunction with the letter J.

It’s important to note that there’s no requirement to use the uppercase ‘J‘; lowercase is perfectly acceptable.

Steps to Use Keyboard Shortcut to Remove email from Junk folder.

Let’s explore in detail the step-by-step method for removing an email address from the junk folder.

  • First, open your junk folder to view the list of emails that are currently marked as junk.
  • Select an email by using the up and down arrow keys.
  • You can use this keyboard shortcut to remove an email from the junk folder, but it is important to select only one email at a time. If multiple emails are selected, the keyboard shortcut will not function.
  • Press the Alt and Control keys simultaneously. Your keyboard has a pair of both Alt and Control keys, allowing you to use any combination of these keys. Simply press and hold them together.
  • While holding down the Alt and Control keys, press the J key.
  • This action will open the “Mark as Not Junk” dialog box, containing information such as the email address of the selected email. The dialog box also includes a checkbox that allows you to confirm your selection of the email.
  • Once you select the email and click ‘OK‘, the email will be moved out of the junk folder. Furthermore, in the future, emails from this sender will automatically be delivered to your inbox, bypassing the junk folder.

Alternate Method to Remove email from Junk folder

Once you’ve selected the email in the folder, an alternative method to remove it from the junk category involves right-clicking on the mouse.

Navigate to ‘Junk’, and then choose ‘Not Junk’ from the dropdown menu. This action will lead you to the same dialog box we discussed earlier.

Follow the steps outlined to successfully remove the email from the junk folder.

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