Go to Folder in Outlook [Shortcut]

The shortcut to go to a specific folder in Outlook is “Ctrl + Shift + letter of folder name

For example, if you want to go to the “Inbox” folder, you will press “Ctrl + Shift + I

Note: that this shortcut only works if the folder you want to go to has a unique letter associated with it.

Not only that there is another problem, in case you have multiple email addresses added in Outlook, what happens if you click Ctrl + Shift + I?

Here is the Solution:

GO TO FOLDER, consists of all the email addresses added in Outlook along with all related folders. You can switch any folder using the Keyboard.

Keyboard Shortcut to Switch Folder in Outlook Shortcut

Control + Y

Step to Change Folder in Outlook using Shortcut

  • Open Outlook and navigate to the folder you want to change from.
  • Press Control + Y.
  • That will open the GO TO Folder dialog box, which consists of all the email addresses along with all the folders.
  • Use the Up and Down arrows, to select the folder.
  • Use the Left and Right arrow keys to Open and close the folder.
  • Once selected hit the tab key, and click enter to press OK.

Few additional information on Go to Folder in Outlook

  • Go To the folder also consist of a to-do list folder, you can check out the listed task there.
  • Microsoft Exchange email address also consists of Calendar and Contacts folder.
  • The control + Y keyboard shortcut is also open if you are on the contact or calendar window.

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