Full Screen in Outlook [Shortcut]

In case you are dealing with specific data or instructions received in your email message or you like to check the entire data by scrolling down. The best way to hide the toolbar, ribbon, search bar, and status bar and only show the message on the screen.

Verity of options in Outlook, present in the toolbar, ribbon, search bar, and status bar visible on your Outlook screen, which contains some space on the screen.

You can very easily change the view from normal to full-screen view by hiding that toolbar, ribbon, and status bar to create more space on the screen which makes more rows visible.

Classified View in Outlook can increase the screen size, but still, full screen is far better if you are working on some crucial assignment.

Outlook gives you multiple options to change the visibility:

  • Classic Ribbon
  • Specified Ribbon
  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Show Tabs Only
  • Always Show Ribbons

All the above options can change the view and increase the visibility space.

Shortcut to Get Full Screen in Outlook

In Outlook, the shortcut to toggle full-screen mode is:

Ctrl + Shift + F1

Mostly Keyboard consists of pair of Shift and Ctrl keys, you can use any pair along with F1.

Steps to Get Full-Screen View in Outlook using Shortcut

Whether you open the home page, new mail, or a separate window you can change to FULL screen using CTRL + SHIFT + F1.

  • Open the Outlook page that you want to view as a full screen.
  • Now, press the “Ctrl + Shift + F1” keys to hide the toolbar, ribbon, and status bar, which makes the Outlook view a full-screen view.
  • To return the screen back to normal you can again press the “Ctrl + Shift + F1” keys, you will get all the toolbar, ribbon, and status bar back on your screen.

Alternate Keyboard Shortcut for Full-Screen view in Outlook

There is an alternate method to get a shortcut for a full-screen view:

  • Alt + ZR + F – To activate Full Screen (That will Turn Outlook to Full Screen).
  • Alt + ZR + A – To Deactivate Full Screen (That will bring Outlook screen to Normal).

Few Other Things to Know about Full-Screen Shortcut

To access the ribbons while in full-screen mode in Outlook, click on the three dots located at the top right corner of the application.

This will make the ribbon visible. Once you click anywhere on the worksheet, the ribbon will be hidden, and the full-screen mode will be restored.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the Full-Screen shortcut in Outlook provides a fast and efficient way to maximize your inbox and make it easier to work with emails.

This shortcut is a great way to improve your productivity and focus on the task at hand without being distracted by other Outlook elements.

With full-screen mode, you can easily read emails, reply to them, and organize emails without any distractions.

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