Outlook Format Painter (Shortcut)

When drafting an email in Outlook, the default font text and font size remain consistent until you deliberately make changes.

However, if you type content, copy a specific portion from another source, and paste it into your email, you often encounter varying fonts.

This inconsistency can detract from a professional appearance.

In such cases, the Format Painter tool can be a valuable aid in maintaining uniform formatting throughout your email, ensuring a polished and cohesive presentation.

In this tutorial, I will give you the shortcut to enable the format painter tool in Outlook.

Shortcut to Use Format Painter in Outlook

Below is the shortcut to use Format Painter in Outlook to copy the formatting from the selected area.

ALT + H + F + P

Steps to Use the Keyboard Shortcut to Format Painter in Outlook

Let’s check out how Format Painter works and how to enable Format Painter.

  1. Once your content is prepared, carefully place your cursor in the middle of the section that you find perfect. This is important because you will need to format the rest of the content to match this font style.
  2. Use the ‘keyboard shortcut ALT + H + F + P‘ by pressing these keys one after the other. As soon as you apply this shortcut, you will notice a small paintbrush icon attached to your cursor, indicating that the format painter has successfully copied the formatting.
  3. Now Select the entire content on which you want to paste the formatting.

Key Points to Understand About the Format Painter in Outlook

  1. Applying Formatting: Once the formatting is copied, click on or drag over the text to which you want to apply this formatting. The Format Painter will transfer the copied style to the selected text.
  2. Single and Multiple Use: A single click on the Format Painter icon allows for one-time use. For multiple uses, double-click the icon, and it will remain active until you turn it off.
  3. Deactivation: To deactivate the Format Painter, simply press the ESC key or click the Format Painter icon again.

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