Delete Outlook Email message [Shortcut]

Deleting a message in Outlook involves moving the email from your inbox to a transitional state.

The primary goal of email deletion is to eliminate unnecessary emails that you no longer need in the future.

Deleted emails are transferred to a transitional folder, and from there, they can be permanently removed.

It’s important to note that when you delete an email, there is a possibility of recovering it from the trash folder.

In this article, we will explore keyboard shortcuts for efficiently deleting emails in Outlook.

Delete Email message [Keyboard Shortcut]

When it comes to deleting emails in Outlook, there are two quick keyboard shortcuts available. Let’s start with the simplest and most commonly used shortcut, which is the “Delete” key.



Delete Messages in Outlook Steps

  • Select the email you like to delete or use the shift key to select multiple emails at once.
  • Once you have selected the email/s, those emails will be highlighted.
  • Press the Delete Key.
  • The selected email is deleted from the folder and sent to the trash folder. You can confirm this by clicking on the trash folder.

Alternate Shortcut to Delete email in Outlook

If you’re tired of using the regular “Delete” key on your keyboard to remove emails in Outlook, there’s a handy alternative: you can use the “Control + D” shortcut.

This keyboard combo works just like the Delete key and sends the email straight to the Trash folder.

The good news is, that you’ve got several control keys on your keyboard, so you can pick any of them and pair it with “D” to effortlessly delete emails from Outlook.

It’s all about making your email management a bit more convenient!

Wrap Up

In this blog post, we’ve explored two handy keyboard shortcuts for deleting emails in Outlook: the “Delete” key and “Control + D.”

These shortcuts can help you work efficiently and swiftly manage your emails. Remember to choose the one that suits your preference to streamline your Outlook experience.

Happy emailing!

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