What does “Ctrl + Shift + L” do in Outlook?

Hey there! Ever tried pressing “Ctrl + Shift + L” while using Outlook?

It’s a nifty little shortcut that does something cool.

Let’s dive into what it does in various parts of Outlook.

Let’s delve into and explore the wonders of ‘Ctrl + Shift + L‘ in the world of Outlook.

Keyboard Shortcut “Control (Ctrl) + Shift + L” in Outlook

Do you all know that Outlook isn’t just for emails?

Yep, it handles contacts, calendars, and tasks too. And guess what?

The Ctrl + Shift + L shortcut does different things in each of those areas. Curious to find out what?

Let’s dive in and check it out!

In Outlook Email Segment

If we talk about the Outlook email segment, there are three sections:

  1. Home page: This consists of all the ribbons, tabs, navigation section list of emails, and many more.
  2. New email Window: Need to create a new email
  3. Open an existing email: When you open an existing email read it in detail.

In all the above areas when you click Ctrl + Shift + L from your keyboard, a contact group dialog box appears, which allows you to create a contact (distribution) list of all existing as well as non-existing contacts.


Both Shift and Ctrl keys available on your Keyboard will work with L.

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When you put your cursor on the message body while creating a new email, reply or forward.

……. and press Keyboard Shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + L” which will let you insert a bulleted list.

In Outlook Calendar and Task Segment

Under Outlook calendar and task segment, when you click Ctrl + Shift + L, it will once again open the dialog box, which allows users to create a contact group.

Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl Shift L in Outlook.com

So, you know when you’re on Outlook.com and you try that Ctrl + Shift + L combo? Yep, turns out it doesn’t do a thing.

Final words

Alright, folks, let’s wrap this up!

After our deep dive into the mysterious world of Outlook shortcuts, we discovered a little quirk.

When you’re on Outlook.com and feeling adventurous, trying out that Ctrl + Shift + L might leave you scratching your head because… drumroll, please… it doesn’t actually do anything there!

Who would’ve thought?

But hey, that’s the fun of tech, always full of surprises.

Until our next keyboard shortcut adventure, happy emailing and always stay curious!

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