What Does Ctrl + Shift + E (Keyboard Shortcut) do in Outlook?

In Outlook, the “(Control) Ctrl + Shift + E” keyboard shortcut is pivotal for tailoring your emails to a specific format.

Utilizing this shortcut can enhance the professionalism of your correspondence.

Outlook Main Screen

When you press Control (Ctrl + Shift + E) on the Outlook homepage, a “Create New Folder” dialog box appears.

This feature enables users to create dedicated folders for specific email categories, facilitating the organization of emails according to their relevance.

These specialized folders assist in segregating emails linked to particular subjects or projects, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient email management system.

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New Email/Reply/Forward

When you press Ctrl + Shift + E while drafting, replying to, or forwarding an email in Outlook, no action occurs, as the shortcut for creating a new folder is not applicable within the context of composing or managing email messages.

This shortcut is exclusively designed for organizing emails into folders from the main interface of Outlook, not for functions related to email composition.

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Outlook Calendar and Contact

Similarly, when you are on the homepage of either the Calendar or Contacts in Outlook, pressing Ctrl + Shift + E will prompt the “Create New Folder” dialog box.

This demonstrates the versatility of this shortcut across different sections of Outlook, allowing for consistent folder creation functionality irrespective of whether you are in the email, calendar, or contacts interface.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Ctrl + Shift + E keyboard shortcut in Outlook is a powerful tool for enhancing organization and efficiency.

Primarily used for creating new folders, this shortcut streamlines the process of categorizing and managing emails, calendar events, and contacts.

Whether you’re navigating your inbox, organizing your calendar, or managing your contacts, this shortcut provides a quick and consistent method for folder creation.

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