What Does Ctrl + G (Keyboard Shortcut) do in Outlook?

Ctrl + G is another handy and smart keyboard shortcut for Outlook users.

It’s used to navigate to a specific date, allowing users to quickly jump to the desired date with ease.

In this blog post, we’re unraveling the magic of “Ctrl + G,” a nifty keyboard shortcut in Outlook that lets you swiftly jump to any specific date you want.

If you’re new to Outlook or just curious about optimizing your calendar management, keep reading for a quick and clear guide on how this shortcut can make your life easier.

Few Important Points:

  • The “Ctrl + G” keyboard shortcut in Outlook is specifically designed for use in the calendar segment. When you employ this shortcut, a handy dialog box pops up, prompting you to input the exact date you want to jump to directly.
  • The “Ctrl + G” keyboard shortcut won’t function in the email segment. While you might think it could help you find emails from a specific date, the reality is that “Ctrl + G” is not intended for the email segment. There are alternative methods to search for emails on a specific date.

Use Control (Ctrl + G) Keyboard Shortcut

Ctrl + G

If you’re in the email segment and you press “Ctrl + G,” you’ll notice that nothing happens.

It’s not due to any technical glitch, but rather because “Ctrl + G” is not intended for use in the email segment or the contacts segment.


To access the calendar segment, you can either press “Ctrl + 2” on your keyboard or simply use your mouse to click on “Calendar” in the left panel.

This will take you straight to the calendar segment.

To use the “Ctrl + G” keyboard shortcut, press any of the Control keys available on your keyboard along with the ‘G’ key.

This action will open the “GO TO DATE” dialog box, which offers two options: the first is for the “Date“, and the second is for “Show in.”

After selecting your desired date and clicking “OK,” you’ll be directed to that specific date on your Outlook calendar.


In a nutshell, “Ctrl + G” in Outlook is your trusty guide to swiftly navigate your calendar.

Whether you’re time-traveling to a past appointment or planning for the future, this keyboard shortcut streamlines your journey.

Just remember, it’s your key to calendar bliss.

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