Create New Contact [Keyboard Shortcut]

Would you like to easily create new contacts on your computer? Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to save time and energy when processing your work.

A keyboard shortcut to create new contact information on your computer can be a useful tool to help you work more efficiently.

We’ll explain how to activate the keyboard shortcut in this blog post and how to create new contacts using Keyboard Shortcut.

Keyboard Shortcut to Add New Contact in Outlook

Getting a New email and adding the email to your contact list to quite impressive, so you need to add a New Contact in Outlook using Shortcut, here is the Keyboard Shortcut:

“Control + Shift + C”

Both Control (ctrl) and Shift keys available on the keyboard, will work to create a new contact in Microsoft Outlook.

Steps to Use the Keyboard Shortcut to create a new contact in Microsoft Outlook

Follow the below steps to create a new contact in Microsoft Outlook.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook Application.
  • Press and hold the control and Shift keys together.
  • Without releasing the control (CTRL) and Shift Keys, press the C key. That will open a window to create a New Contact.

Initially, your cursor is blinking on the first option “Full Name“, you need to inject the information from the above till the end.

It is not mandatory to fill every section, the majority of inputs are Name, Email address, and Contact details.

Use the Tab key to move forward to the next option, and the Shift-Tab key to move backward to the previous option.

Once every piece of information is filed, hit Alt Key, which will take you to the navigation ribbon. Use the up and down arrow keys under the contact section and click Save and Close.

There are tons of additional things available in the ribbon, which you can use while creating your new contact.

Another Quick Shortcut to Open New Contact Window

In the above Shortcut Control + Shift + C, it is not mandatory to present in the contact segment, you can use it from any segment for instance email, task, or calendar.

This alternate Keyboard Shortcut required your presence in the Contact segment only.

  • Press Control + 3, this shortcut is the gateway to enter in contact segment. (The numeric three is determined by the position of the contact segment in the navigation section).
  • Press and Hold Control + N, or Alt + H + N
  • Both Keyboard Shortcut will take you to New Contact Window.

Additional Information on Creating New Contact using [Keyboard Shortcut]

  • Before starting, press Shift + Tab, which will take you to the Full Name option, Hit Enter, Check Full Name dialog box appears, and Enter the Title, first name, middle, last, and finally suffix, and press Enter.
  • In case your contact has multiple email addresses, in the email address section go to the dropdown arrow and hit enter, you can add three (3) email addresses for every contact.
  • Under contact numbers, there are four options, and every option consists of a dropdown with multiple choices, select the one you need to add.
  • The picture of the contact marks your information complete. Use Alt Key to move your cursor to the ribbon section and from the contact go to the picture using your arrow keys.
  • In case your inputs indicate a duplicate contact in your Outlook. You can update the contact or select “Add new contacts“.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, learning how to create a new contact with a keyboard shortcut can help save you time and make your life easier.

With this knowledge, you can quickly add contacts and stay organized.

Additionally, this is just one of many keyboard shortcuts available for your convenience, so be sure to look up other shortcuts that can help you use your computer more efficiently.

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