How to Create an Email to Contacts using [Keyboard Shortcuts]

Creating emails to contacts quickly and efficiently is essential for productive communication in the professional world.

Keyboard shortcuts are an important tool for speeding up the process of creating emails. By utilizing these simple but powerful shortcuts, you can save time and increase your productivity.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to create an email to contacts using keyboard shortcuts.

We will look at how to quickly create a new email window, add addresses to the recipient field, and send the email without ever leaving the keyboard.

We will also discuss the pros and cons of using keyboard shortcuts for creating emails.

How to Quickly Create a New Email using Keyboard Shortcut?

Creating a New Email consist of basic steps, the email address of the recipient, entering the subject, typing the content on the message body, embedding or attaching an attachment, and finally sending the email.

All of it can be controlled with Keyboard Shortcut, you will learn step-by-step methods and shortcuts to Create an Email to Contacts.

Step 1: Considering your Microsoft Outlook Window is already open.

Step 2: Press Control + Shift + M to open the new message window. The New Message window opens with the cursor on the “To” section.

Step 3: Start typing the email address of your recipient, for instance, Type “A” and your email address saved in your contacts starting with A list out.

Step 4: Move your cursor using the UP and DOWN arrow keys.

Step 5: Select the one using Tab and Enter Key, Repeat the process in case multiple recipients are on the “To” section.

In case you need to add the contact to the “CC” list, Hit TAB, and your cursor will move to the CC section.

Step 6: Again Type the first alphabet of your contact the list of saved contacts appears, select the one you need to add and press TAB or ENTER. You can also use Alt + C, which will open the select contacts: Name dialog box.

Step 7: Your cursor is already on the list area, select the one using the UP and DOWN arrow keys and Hit ENTER to insert.

Step 8: Hit TAB again to move your cursor to the SUBJECT Section. Type your subject line.

Once your Subject is drafted, Hit Tab to move your cursor to the message body to create your message.

Step 9: In case you need to add the properties in your message, Press Alt + ENTER, That will open the properties dialog box, you will get a few options, for instance: Importance, Sensitivity, need to add read receipt request, delivery receipt request, use Tab and Space Bar keys to select, and hit OK.

If you need to attach a document with the email message, Press press ALT + N, A, F, and you can select the file from the recently opened file, Hit B to browse this PC and select the file from there.

You can send the email by pressing ALT + S. Outlook will close the message window and send the message. If you are offline, the message will be sent the next time you are online.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, mastering keyboard shortcuts for creating an email to contacts can save you time and make your emailing experience more efficient.

You can use these shortcuts for quickly opening a new email window, auto-filling contact information, and quickly formatting the content of your message.

Once you’ve become familiar with keyboard shortcuts, you’ll be able to draft and send emails with ease.

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