What Is The Keyboard Shortcut For Clapping Hands Emojis πŸ‘πŸΎ In Outlook?

The clapping hands emoji πŸ‘ is commonly used to symbolize applause and to express strong appreciation or enthusiasm towards someone.

In this article, we will provide several keyboard shortcuts to help you seamlessly insert the clapping hands emoji into your Outlook email messages.

Shortcut to Insert Clapping Hands Emojis with Hotkeys in Outlook Emails

Hotkeys are a popular method for inserting emojis, images, or GIFs into various platforms.

Let’s delve into a step-by-step guide to understand how they function:

Here are a couple of keyboard shortcuts to open “Emoji Picker“.

  • Window key + period (.)
  • Window key + semicolon (;)
  • Using the aforementioned shortcuts will enable you to locate and select your desired emojis. From the resulting pop-up, you can then easily insert the Clapping Hands Emoji, and use the Tab key in conjunction with the left and right arrow keys.
  • Enter “clapping hands” to display options, including Emojis and GIFs. Select the one you like to insert, The main issue is that there’s only one emoji option available, there are multiple color variations to choose from.

ATL X Code to Insert Clapping Hands Emojis Symbol

Here is a couple of Shortcut to inserting Clapping Hands Emoji in Outlook:

Type 1F44F from your keyboard, then press Alt + X

Ensure you type ‘F‘ in uppercase; this will transform it into a Clapping Hands Emoji. You can utilize this shortcut while creating a New email, replying to, or forwarding an email.

On macOS, you can use the keyboard shortcut Control + Command + Space to open the emoji picker and select the Clapping Hands emoji from there.

How to Insert Clapping Hands Emojis with Copy and Paste?

The easiest way to insert Clapping Hands using a keyboard is by copying the emoji from a document on your computer and pasting it into the desired location. Alternatively, you can directly copy the emoji from Google.

  • Open the File/Documents or Google from where you like to copy the Clapping Hands.
  • Press “Ctrl” + “C.
  • Open the email message (New, Forward, or Reply) depending on your requirement and insert the symbol there.
  • Press “Ctrl” + “V“.

Insert Clapping Hands Emojis using the Icons Option

Outlook icon options consist of numerous emojis you can very easily use a keyboard shortcut to find and insert a Clapping Hands Emoji.

Here are the steps:

  • Open the message and keep the cursor where you want to insert the Clapping Hands.
  • Press Alt + N + NS, which will open stock images.
  • Type “Clapping” in the search bar, and you will get a couple of options to select, one is black, and the other is white.
  • Select the one using the tab key and spacebar, again use the tab, and insert using the Enter Key.

Clapping Hands Emojis into Outlook using Online Pictures [Shortcut]

You can also utilize the “Online Pictures” feature in Outlook to insert the clapping hands emoji.

Here are the steps to insert Clapping Hands emoji in Outlook using Keyboard Shortcut:

  • Open the message and keep the cursor where you want to insert the Heart Emoji.
  • Press Alt + N + P + O which will open Online Pictures Wizard.
  • Type Clapping Hands in the search bar, and you will get a couple of options to select.
clapping emoji images
  • Select the one using the tab key and spacebar, again use the tab, and insert using Enter Key.
  • Your selected Clapping Emoji is inserted in the message body.

Few Additional things to Know About Thumbs Up Emoji in Outlook

  1. Variation in Appearance: The clapping hands emoji may appear differently across devices and platforms. Its design is dependent on the specific font or emoji set used by the software or platform. It’s always a good idea to double-check how it appears to recipients, especially if they might be using a different email client or device.
  2. Color Selection: Some platforms allow for different skin tone variations of the clapping hands emoji, so you can choose one that represents you best. In Outlook, if there’s a variation available, it will be shown when you try to insert the emoji.
  3. Context is Key: While emojis can help convey emotion and tone, it’s essential to use them judiciously in professional communication. The clapping hands emoji, for instance, generally conveys applause or agreement, but in some contexts, it might be interpreted as sarcasm.
  4. Outlook on Mobile: If you’re using Outlook on a mobile device, the process of inserting emojis might differ. Usually, you’ll have access to your device’s standard emoji keyboard, which you can use to insert the clapping hands emoji.

Understanding these nuances ensures effective communication and helps avoid potential misunderstandings or misinterpretations in your emails.

Wrap Up

Additionally, if you often use the clapping hands emoji or other symbols, you might consider creating a custom AutoCorrect entry in Outlook to convert a specific string of characters into that emoji.

For instance, every time you type :clap:, it could automatically correct the CLAPPING HANDS EMOJIS.

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