How to Type Approximately Equal To Symbol (≈) in Outlook Email?

In Microsoft Outlook, when composing an email where you need to specify values and indicate that they are approximately equal rather than exactly so, there’s a useful symbol you can use: the ‘Approximately Equal To‘ symbol (≈).

This blog post will guide you through a step-by-step method on “How to Type the Approximately Equal To Symbol (≈) in Outlook,” helping you convey your message with precision and clarity.

In Microsoft Windows or on laptops, various methods are employed to insert the approximation sign. In Outlook, you can insert it by pressing and holding the Alt key while typing 247 on the numeric keypad.

On a Mac keyboard, the symbol “≈” can be inserted by pressing and holding the Option key, followed by the X key.

Options to type “Approximately Equal To” Symbol (≈) in Outlook Email

There are several methods to insert approximately Equal To symbol (≈) into your Outlook emails. Let’s explore these options, including a handy keyboard shortcut.

  1. Symbol Gallery
  2. Alt Code
  3. Keyboard Short Keys
  4. Copy & Paste

Use Copy and Paste Method

The simplest method for inserting the “Approximately Equal To” Symbol (≈) in Outlook Email using a keyboard shortcut is to copy the Symbol from a document on your computer and paste it into the desired location.

  • Open the File or Documents from where you like to copy the Approximately Equal To Symbol.
  • Press “Ctrl” + “C“.
  • Open the email message (New, Forward, or Reply) depending on your requirement and insert the symbol there.
  • Press “Ctrl” + “V“.

Alt Code Method

In my experience, the Alt code is the best way to insert the ‘almost similar‘ symbol (≈) in an Outlook email.

However, it’s worth mentioning that this method requires a numeric keypad. On my laptop, I use the Num Lock key to enable this function. It’s a handy trick that’s served me well!

Hold down the Alt key and type 247 on the numeric keypad. Once you release the Alt key, you’ll see the ‘≈’ symbol appear. It’s a simple and effective way to get the symbol you need!”

I’ve noticed that on my keyboard, where I have a couple of Alt keys – one on the left and one on the right of the space bar – only the left Alt key works for this particular keyboard shortcut.

So, remember to use the left Alt key when typing in the numeric code for symbols like ‘≈’.

Alt key and type 247

Keyboard Shortcut using the Alt key

The above keyboard shortcut using the Alt key really does the trick for me.

But did you know there’s another way to insert the “Approximately Equal To” symbol using the Alt key?

It’s always great to have an alternative method up your sleeve!

The approximate sign shortcut code is 2248 Enter 2248 into Outlook Board, then press the Alt and X keys.

Your code will now look like this “≈.”

2248 + ALT X

Symbol Gallery

In the Symbol Gallery, a vast array of symbols is available not only in Outlook but also in Microsoft Word and Excel.

To insert the “Approximately Equal To” symbol in an Outlook email, place your cursor where you want the symbol to appear.

Then, click on the ‘Insert’ tab, and under the ‘Symbol’ section, select ‘Symbol’ again. From the dropdown menu, choose ‘More Symbols‘.

This action opens the symbol dialog box, which contains a vast array of symbols. Locating the “Approximately Equal To” symbol (≈) in an Outlook email can be quite challenging due to the extensive selection available.

Type 2248 in the character box. That will automatically take you to the “Approximately Equal To” symbol (≈), click insert and your symbol is inserted into your desired location.

Type the “Approximately Equal” Sign on Mac.

You can easily insert the “Approximately Equal To” symbol (≈) on a Mac using keyboard shortcuts.

Here’s how:

  1. Position your cursor in the desired location on your screen where you want to insert the symbol.
  2. Press and hold the OPTION key (also known as the ALT key) on your keyboard.
  3. While holding down the OPTION key, press the X key.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly add the “Approximately Equal To” symbol (≈) to your text on a Mac using the keyboard shortcut Option + X.

Before you go ……

From the Alt code method, which I find most reliable, to the Symbol Gallery and keyboard shortcuts, there are several paths to achieving this.

So, whether you’re a Windows user or on a Mac, you now have the tools and know-how to effortlessly incorporate this symbol into your Outlook emails, making your numerical communications more professional and effective.

Give it a try, and you’ll find that the “Approximately Equal To” symbol (≈) becomes a valuable addition to your email toolkit.

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