Keyboard Shortcut for Angry Emoji in Outlook 🤬

Navigating the world of emails just got a tad more expressive with shortcuts!

The angry emoji serves as a means to convey your disagreement or displeasure about a matter.

Dive into this guide to quickly access the ‘ANGRY EMOJI‘ in Outlook using a handy keyboard shortcut.

Keyboard Shortcut of Angry Emoji in Outlook

We have several options available for inserting the angry emoji into Outlook using keyboard shortcuts. Let’s delve in and explore these choices.

Type 1F620 from your keyboard, then press Alt + X

F” must be typed in uppercase. Typing “F” in uppercase will transform it into the Angry Face Emoji 😠. This shortcut can also be employed when replying to or forwarding emails.

Another Shortcut of Angry Emoji

Hold the “ALT” key on your keyboard, then type the Unicode character 128544. Upon releasing the “ALT” key, the ANGRY FACE EMOJI will automatically appear on your screen.

Alternatively, you can insert the ANGRY FACE EMOJI by copy (Ctrl + C) and pasting it (Ctrl + V) from a website or another document that contains the emoji.

Windows key combination

On Windows, press the Windows key combined with either the period (.) or semicolon (;) to open the emoji picker, where you can choose the Angry Face Emoji.

Upon selecting the angry face option, the chosen emoji will be inserted into your document.

On macOS, you can use the keyboard shortcut Control + Command + Space to open the emoji picker.

How to Insert Angry Face Emojis using Copy Paste?

The easiest way to insert an Angry Face emoji using a keyboard shortcut is to copy the emoji from a document on your computer and then paste it where needed.

  • Open the File or Documents from where you like to copy the Angry Face emoji 😡.
  • Press “Ctrl” + “C.
  • Open the email message (New, Forward, or Reply) depending on your requirement and insert the symbol there.
  • Press “Ctrl” + “V“.

Insert Angry Emojis using Icons

Outlook icon options consist of numerous emojis you can very easily use a keyboard shortcut to find and insert Angry Emoji.

Here are the steps:

  • Open the message and keep the cursor where you want to insert the Angry Face Emoji.
  • Press Alt + N + NS, which will open stock images.
  • Type Angry/Angry Face in the search bar, and you will get a couple of options to select, one is black, and the other is white.
  • Select the one using the tab key and spacebar, again use the tab, and hit insert using Enter Key.
  • Your selected Angry face emoji is inserted in the message body.

Angry Emojis into Outlook using Online Pictures [Shortcut]

Another approach to inserting Angry Face emojis into the Outlook message body is online pictures.

Here are the steps to insert Angry Face emoji in Outlook using Keyboard Shortcut:

  • Open the message and keep the cursor where you want to insert Angry Emoji.
  • Press Alt + N + P + O which will open Online Pictures Wizard.
  • Enter “Angry Face Emoji” in the search bar, and you’ll be presented with a couple of color options: black and white. Ensure you include the word “emoji” with “angry face” in your search, or you might also retrieve some pictures alongside the emojis.
  • Select the one using the tab key and spacebar, again use the tab, and hit insert using Enter Key.
  • Your selected Angey Face emoji is inserted in the message body.

Few Additional things to Know About Angry Face Emoji in Outlook

Here are some additional insights about the Angry Face Emoji in Outlook:

  1. Origin & Usage: The Angry Face Emoji is universally recognized as a representation of anger, frustration, or annoyance. In the professional realm, use it cautiously to avoid misinterpretations.
  2. Different Platforms: The appearance of the Angry Face Emoji might vary slightly across different platforms or email clients. However, its underlying sentiment remains consistent.
  3. Emoji Variants: Outlook and other platforms often have multiple variations of the angry face, ranging from mildly annoyed to furious. Ensure you choose the one that best captures your intended emotion.
  4. Shortcuts and Alternatives: While keyboard shortcuts are handy, there are also other methods to access emojis in Outlook, such as the emoji picker or by inserting symbols.
  5. Customization: Some newer versions of software or third-party applications might allow customization of emojis, enabling you to adjust their appearance to your liking.

Always remember that the tone in written communication can be tricky to convey and easily misinterpreted.

Use emojis thoughtfully, especially in a professional context, to supplement your message without replacing clear communication.

Wrap Up

Mastering the keyboard shortcut for the Angry Face Emoji in Outlook enhances efficient communication. Remember, while emojis add flair, always prioritize clarity, especially in professional exchanges.

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