Add Signature [Keyboard Shortcut]

It’s easy and straightforward to create a keyboard shortcut for your signature, so you can add your signature with just a few clicks on any email message.

It sounds hard to set up a keyboard shortcut for your signature, but it’s really easy. You’ll learn why you should have a keyboard shortcut for adding a signature.

Add Signature in Outlook Keyboard Shortcut

Alt + H, AS

The standard Keyboard consists of a pair of Alt keys. Use any one of Alt Key along with H, AS to Add Signature in Outlook.

Steps to insert Signature in Outlook using Keyboard Shortcut.

Follow the below steps to insert Signature in Outlook using Keyboard Shortcut.

  • Open Outlook Application from your Computer or Laptop.
  • Press and hold Alt keys.
  • Without releasing the Alt Keys, press the ‘H‘ key and then ‘AS‘ key.
  • That will open the signature drop down list.
  • Select the signature using up and down arrow key or Tab key.
  • Hit Enter to Insert.

Note: It is important to insert the signature while creating a new email message, Reply or Forward.

Another Keyboard Shortcut to Insert Signature in Outlook?

Another segment you like to insert Signature using keyboard shortcut is Quick Access Toolbar.

It is important to setup the signature first in the Quick access toolbar:

  • First Open New window to create a new email message, Reply or Forward
  • Go to the Signature Segment, Click Message >> in the include section >> Go to signature.
  • Click right mouse button that will open few options, select, and click, Add to Quick access toolbar option to add signature in Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).

Checkout your Quick access toolbar the signature added in a row.

Now once you added Signature in Quick Access Toolbar it’s time to understand how to use Keyboard Shortcut to insert signature in email message.

Note: Quick Access Toolbar is one of the features is Outlook which really make your work fast and smoother. You can learn all about in this blog post, click here

There are multiple buttons available in Quick access toolbar, and every button assigned a numeric value after you click on Alt Key. That combination of Keyboard shortcut is alternate one to insert signature in Outlook.

For instance: Signature icon is available on fourth position in my Quick access toolbar, which means my Keyboard Shortcut for inserting signature in email message is Alt + 4.

Wrap Up

Outlook have the setup feature while you create a new signature to assign the signature automatically on your message body, while you create a new email, reply or forward in Outlook.

To sum up, adding a signature to your documents or emails can save you time and effort.

By creating a keyboard shortcut for your signature, you can simplify the process even further.

It’s a small but effective trick that can make a big difference in your daily work routine.

So, try it out and see how much easier it becomes to add your signature to all your important documents and emails.

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