How Outlook Search Attachment Name File?

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Microsoft has recently announced the release of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, Exchange Server 2010, and Exchange Server 2007.

As usual, Exchange Server is rich with new features, and one of them is Outlook Search Attachment Name File.

This feature will help IT, administrators, in searching Outlook items according to the name of attachment files in Exchange folders.

button search attachments name

Finding an Email with an attachment in Outlook is quite simple, you can also find the attachment having a file extension, it is quite difficult to pick out the attachment with a specified file name exactly from several messages with attachments in a brief time.

For instance: In my previous job, I use to send an email message daily having project progress reports, the Excel file name would be “Report till date”. (XX/XX/XXXX)“. The only difference in the file name is the date.

You can filter and narrow down your search result using multiple parameters in Outlook, in case you have multiple emails with an attachment having a similar file name, would be difficult.

Search options

In this article, I will watch you through “How Outlook Search by Attachment Name“.

Search Attachments in Outlook Having File Name

If you remember the attachment name or some part in the attachment name, you can still find the required email. Follow the below steps:

  • Open Outlook 2010, 2013
  • To Enable the Search Tab Click on the search bar
  • Click the More >> Attachment Contains on the Refine group on the Search tab.
Search Attachments in Outlook Having File Name
  • Attachment Contains below the search bar that appears.
new attachment search bar
  • Enter the specified file name of attachments or some words in the specified file name to locate the email.
  • Enter the Keyword, and you will find your required email with the attachment.
How Outlook Search Attachment Name File in Outlook

In case you have to get multiple emails with the same attachment file which is normal, you can further refine using additional words or figures:

For Instance: – “Progress Report as on dated: 16/09/2022“, there is a possibility that attachment name differs only by date.

How To Find Out Attachments by File Name in Outlook 2007

The above method is quite different as compared to Outlook 2007, below section will describe to you in detail about finding out attachments by filename.

  • Open Outlook 2007
  • Click on the down arrow sign on the right-hand side of the search bar.
Search Attachments in Outlook Having File Name 2007
  • Click the Add Criteria drop-down arrow to open the categories.
click add criteria
  • Click Attachment Contains:
click attachment caintain
  • It will open the Attachment Contains box, where you can enter the keyword (attachment file name entire or partial).
Attachment Contains box
  • After a while, you will find out the attachments whose file names with the entered text.
Find Out Attachments By File Name In Outlook 2007

Apart from the above method, you can also find emails having specific file extensions quickly, find out the method in this entire article.

Final Words

In conclusion, there’s no avoiding it, browsing files in Outlook’s attachment view is an awkward, frustrating experience.

But, once you get the hang of the quirks of the system, you’ll find that searching attachments in Outlook are perfectly acceptable.

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