Outlook Rules Not Running Automatically? + How to fix errors?

Outlook rules designed to bypass the default setting of outlook, not all of it but users easily automate the rule’s actions performed on incoming email messages.

Categorized your emails flowing into sections, rule function comes into play. But it’s pointless if they’re not working correctly or not running automatically.

Here in this article, we will discuss the causes and remedies of outlook rules error.

Outlook rules not working automatically – What are the causes?

Outlook is a technical platform, encountered with multiple glitches that affect the perfect working of functions, many of them under user control, which can to diagnosed easily and fix it.

  • Rule function exceeds rule quota (merge similar rules together).
  • Reset or Rename SRS File.
  • Corruption Issue via IMAP or POP3 Account.
  • Delete the Rules (reset it).
  • Repair Your Outlook Data File.
  • Rule function is disabled.

Outlook rules not working – [How to fix?]

Some of the major issues outlook users face in rule function are curable, Let’s see how to fix errors in outlook rules?

Reset send and receive settings (SRS) file in Outlook

Outlook rules not working automatically issue fixed by resetting SRS file. Here are the following steps:

  • Go to my computer copy this path and paste it in the address bar [C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook]
  • You can check .srs file available on your screen and just rename it.
  • That’s it your open your Outlook and your SRS file is reset.

Delete the Rules (reset it)

Sometimes a complete reset is required to that delete the rule function and recreate it to get them working. You can delete Outlook rules as follows:

  • Open Outlook >> Click File Tab >> Info >> Manage Rules and Alerts.
  • Select the Rule from the list.
  • Press the select button from the tab.
  • Click Yes, Your existing rule is deleted.
  • Click on the New rule to set up the fresh rule.

How to fix errors in outlook rules

Corruption Issue via IMAP or POP3 Account

After trying the above methods, still facing issues – Microsoft Outlook rules not running automatically, you can reset your rules and test your mailbox for corruption follow this guideline.

  • You can directly command your system to  delete all Outlook rules at once, press “Windows + R” keys together, and type:

Corruption Issue via IMAP or POP3 Account

Now you can use the inbox repair tool (scanpst.exe), to reconnect the resolve the issues.

Rule function exceed rule quota (merge similar rules together)

Rule functions with similar nature of outcome must be merged to get better and clean results, not only that Outlook rules not working, rule quota is one of the reason, it is better to delete some useless rules from the list or you can combine them.

The best example is social email, which users use to create separate rules for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to shift the mail into a social folder.

It is recommended to use OR function and keep the input from all three social platforms and move the email notification into the social folder.

rule social media

it’s really cool.

There are tons of repairing tools and recovery tools available in the market which are paid, I never recommend them, If you like and issues are resolved please comment below any additional information will be added.

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