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The Outlook Ruler is a handy way to place, move, and resize objects within your Outlook emails.

This tool is particularly handy for designers working with Outlook emails, for example, when arranging text. It allows you to edit your text using measurements in addition to points.

Everybody was like the ruler in Microsoft Word which helps you measure the indents or spacing easily. By default, the Microsoft Outlook ruler is missing in the setup.

In this article, you will learn “How to show rulers in outlook” & How rulers help Outlook users.

Ruler Outlook

How to view ruler in Outlook?

Outlook ruler set margins when composing an email, before that, how to enable the ruler in Outlook. Here is the step-by-step guide to activating.

The ruler helps you align the text, graphics, Outlook tables, and other elements, here’s how to add the ruler button to the Quick Access Toolbar.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Click New Mail, from the home tab.

new mail home tab

  • Click on the Launcher key from the top left corner of the new email message window.

More commands outlook

  • In the Quick Access Toolbar, select Commands Not in the Ribbon, in the Choose commands from the list.

how to get ruler on outlook email

  • Click Add, Outlook ruler added in the quick excess toolbar.

Outlook Ruler

Check on the Outlook ruler icon on the quick excess toolbar, click the icon, and you can enable the horizontal ruler across the top of the Outlook message body.

Outlook rular horizontal scale

How to view ruler on MS Outlook emails shortcut keys?

Once you enable Outlook Ruler in the quick excess toolbar, Use (Alt+6), Check the position of your Ruler in the quick excess toolbar, and hit that number instead of six.

numbering Quick access

How Outlook Ruler Help User?

While composing an email message the whole screen is yours, composing an email with a wide horizontal screen with exceptionally long lines is not an innovative idea, it’s more comfortable to read and compose an email when the text is only about 6 inches wide.

In case you are a reader, instead of adjusting the whole screen, it is better to create an email message by adjusting the margins using the ruler.

You can check and adjust the margin using Page setup, here is the small tutorial:

  • Double click on the Expander any icon (left or right) to open the Paragraph Dialog Box.
  • By default, both left and right indicators are set to zero.

setup box

You can change the margins left and right, and click ok for one time, or you can click the Set as Default button at the bottom of the dialog, then choose All documents based on NormalEmail.dotm template and click OK.


Final Words

In conclusion, Outlook Ruler is another great tool for employers and recruiters. It allows recruiters to view a full history of all applicants and job applications, providing a detailed track of previous applications, interviews, and status changes.

The Outlook Ruler also helps recruiters monitor when potential candidates are accepting jobs from competitors, ensuring that they do not lose their top talent to less progressive companies.

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