What is RSS Feed in Outlook 2013, 2017, 2019, 365? [Add/Remove & Fix Errors]

Social Media is one of the favorite platforms to keep yourself updated, depending upon the choices of your interest, an RSS feed is one of the other scenarios to update.

RSS feed keeps you updated with your favorite news website, sports, entertainment, magazines, and many more.

What is RSS feed in full form – RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

In this article, you will learn How Outlook RSS works and benefits Outlook users from all directions.

Subscribing multiple websites to get the regular update without gab, and signing up for their emails could ensure you catch new information, but it also opens gates for spammers to easily enter your inbox, which results in space issues.

In an RSS feed, however, these updates and notifications are gathered, organized, and updated in real-time and placed in one place for you to see all at once.

Turning on RSS Feed Synchronization in Outlook, keep your folder updated with your favorite website’s movements.

How To Add RSS Feed to Outlook 365? (And get information to your inbox)

Adding an RSS Feed to Outlook 365 is a quick and easy way to stay up to date on your favorite websites.

RSS is a great way to keep track of changes to websites, and it’s easy to set up in Outlook 365. Here is the step-by-step guide:

  • Click File Tab
  • Select Options >> Advanced >> RSS Feed
  • Select or clear the Synchronize RSS Feeds to the Common Feed List (CFL) in the Windows check box.
RSS Feed Outlook
  • Click OK.

How to use RSS Feeds in Outlook?

To get started, it’s time to add and link the RSS of the specific website into the Outlook RSS Folder for the nonstop update, here is the step-by-step tutorial to accomplish this.

  • Go to the specific website you like RSS feedback to Outlook.
  • Select the RSS Feed icon from the website, such as Button imageRSS button or, XML button, for the content you want to receive.
How to use RSS Feeds in Outlook
  • Once you click and select any of the RSS logos, you will get a separate URL which consists of the XML file, Copy the URL.
outlook rss feed error
  • Open Microsoft Outlook, go to the navigation section of your inbox >> right-click the RSS Feeds folder >> Click Add a New RSS Feed.
Add a New RSS Feed
  • A New RSS Feed dialog box pops up, Paste the same URL copied from the above step >> Click ADD.
New RSS Feed dialog box
  • Outlook finally confirms to Add this RSS Feed to Outlook, click the Yes button.
add this rss feed to outlook
  • Click Advances in case you need to configure the RSS Feed options. [you can name your feed and select download the full article as a .html attachment].
RSS Feed Options
  1. Feed Name: Enter your name accordingly to your requirement.
  2. Delivery Location: By default, Outlook selects its own location to save the data file, in case some feeds generate massive amounts of information, so you may want to send that information to a special folder, specifically for podcasts.
  3. Downloads: Outlook automatically downloads only a brief summary of each item; you can select the checkbox in case you are required to download the enclosed or the entire full article.
  4. Update Limit: Some RSS feed publishers update your information regularly. If you try to update too often, they cancel your subscription. If there’s a limit assigned to the feed you’ve chosen, this check box is automatically selected.
  • Finally, click Yes to complete.
  • Your RSS Feed folder is added in the navigation bar, and you can check the unread feeds and the list.
New RSS Feed

How To Stop RSS feeds?

In some cases, if you do not further require an RSS feed for a certain site anymore, you can easily disable RSS feeds in Outlook 365 or remove that. You can smoothly delete it without affecting your other RSS feeds.

You can delete any RSS subfolder by selecting and clicking the right mouse button and selecting Delete Folder.

Delete RSS Feed Folder

Microsoft Outlook required final confirmation; a dialog box displays to make sure you want to delete the selected RSS feed. Click Yes to confirm.

delete RSS folder

How to Remove RSS Feeds from Outlook?

RSS feeds are a wonderful way to keep up with your favorite websites, but they can be a little overwhelming in Outlook. If you want to declutter your inbox, you can remove RSS feeds from Outlook with just a few clicks.

  • Step 1: – Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Step 2: – Go to File Tab >> Click info >> Account setting >> Account setting
  • Step 3: – Click RSS Feeds from the Accounting setting dialog box, which consists of a list of RSS feeds you have added in Outlook.
  • Step 4: After selecting the one, click the remove button, Outlook asks to click Yes as final confirmation, also inform you that previously downloaded items from this feed are not deleted. Close the Box and that’s it.

How to Fix Outlook RSS Feed Error?

Outlook RSS feeds error are encountered due to some technical glitch in between, there must be multiple causes RSS Feeds can become unsynchronized and every issue have a solution.

  • RSS feeds just stops updating due to a technical glitch.
  • Website URL addresses changes.
  • Outlook RSS Feeds reported errors 0x80004005, 0x800C0008, and 0x8004010F.
  • The update Limit feature is turned off.

Change folder RSS feed stored

Microsoft Outlook stores RSS data on your computer as a (.pst) file, you can also change the location manually. Click File Tab >> Account Settings >> Account Settings.

Select RSS Feeds tab >> click on the Change Folder button from the bottom of the screen, you can change the location very easily.
Change folder RSS feed stored 

Turn On Update Time Limit

By default, the Update, Limit feature is already turned on until you have not made any changes while setting up RSS Feed.

To cross-check this, open Microsoft Outlook >> File Tab >> Account Settings >> Account Settings.

Now switch to the RSS Feeds tab and click on the Change button. Make sure that the Update Limit check box is selected.

Update URL Address

In the majority of cases, I personally observe the change in the URL address of the website RSS Feed changes, which results in a technical break, simply delete the existing RSS Feed and create a new one.

Final words

The biggest advantage of RSS feeds in Outlook is you need not subscribe to any website for regular updates, some of the news website subscriptions unnecessarily send you Spam emails or such topic emails that you really not required.

Hope something here helps you.

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